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Fall Colours Writing Retreat, Sept 19 – 21, at Arowhon Pines resort in Algonquin Park

Algonquin Fall Colours Writing Retreat
Saturday – Monday
September 19 – 21, 2015
Arowhon Pines Resort, Arowhon Pines Rd, Little Joe Lake, Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada

Give yourself three days of writing time. Three days of instruction, inspiration and creativity. Award yourself with time away from distractions, with no dishes to do and wonderful food at every  meal, as you sit with your feet up and write in the most beautiful wilderness setting in Ontario. This is where the Group of Seven got its inspiration (Tom Thompson is buried just a couple of lakes over); it’s a wonderful place for you to find your inspiration, too.

The retreat will feature both instruction and guided writing exercises, plus one-on-one critiquing and coaching from Brian.  You’ll also have lots of time to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with your creativity. 

All writing levels welcome. Whether you are just beginning or have a novel in progress, please join us. 

From Stacey D Atkinson's website
The setting: Arowhon Pines is a peaceful, quiet resort nestled in the woods on Little Joe Lake, inside Algonquin Park. There are no motorboats on the lake, except for the resort’s own pontoon boat which takes guests on occasional wildlife tours.

The resort is without TV and is far from the roar of traffic. The cry of a loon is the loudest noise you’re likely to hear all day.

Rates include charming accommodation (cabins have a mix of queen beds for one person or couples or twin beds for two people rooming together; rooms also have private bathrooms and each cabin has a lounge with fireplace to share with your fellow writers). 

Three all-you-can-eat gourmet meals per day are provided, featuring an abundance of fresh food prepared by master chefs and an inspired kitchen staff. (Bring your own wine or beer!)

All activities included. When you’re not writing or for spouses who accompany you, there is plenty to do: canoe or kayak a series of lakes or hike trails to see wildlife (moose, loons, beaver, turtles, fox, deer), swim in the lake, sail, stand up paddleboard, play tennis, relax. For indoor activities there is a games room with table tennis, shuffleboard, books, board games. Your stay also includes access to all Algonquin Park programs and activities including a car pass for you to fully enjoy the park.

Guests can arrive as early as 8 a.m. to fully take advantage of the facilities (though breakfast is not included on arrival day and check in time is not guaranteed until 3). Each guest will get a day pass for Algonquin Park. The formal retreat will begin at 2 p.m. On Monday morning, we’ll have our last formal get-together ending at 12 noon. Check out time is at 1 p.m.  Most guests have lunch while the bellhops load the car. But once you’ve had lunch, don’t feel you have to rush off!

Participants are welcome to bring spouses, partners or friends, as there will be plenty to do while the you are writing – canoeing, swimming if warm enough, tennis, reading and just plain resting and unwinding, enjoying the fall colours.

Instructor Brian Henry has been a book editor and creative writing instructor for more than 25 years. He publishes Quick Brown Fox, Canada’s most popular blog for writers, teaches creative writing at Ryerson University and has led workshops everywhere from Boston to Buffalo and from Sarnia to Charlottetown. But his proudest boast is that he has helped many of his students get their first book published and launch their careers as authors.

Check out reviews of Brian’s weekly courses and Saturday workshops here.

Accommodation fee: 540 per person double-occupancy for the two nights or 676 single-occupancy for the two nights. Plus 15% service charge (in lieu of tipping, no extra tipping allowed), then 13% hst to these rates.
Seminar fee (special introductory price): 106.19 plus hst = 120
Full receipts issued.
Space is very limited.

For more information or to register, email:

Who can attend the retreat?
Everyone interested in developing their writing skills is welcome to attend, whether you're aspiring writer or an accomplished author or simply enjoy writing as a hobby. There is no requirement for you to have been previously published or even to have an intention to publish.

I'm a poet / playwright / other writer. Is this retreat for me?
The retreat is open to anyone who enjoys writing. Instruction will focus on narrative writing; i.e., stories, whether fiction or memoir. But if you’re an essayist or poet or whatever, you’re entirely welcome.

Should I bring my work in progress?
Yes, if you have an on-going writing project, bring it with you! If you’re not currently working on anything, don’t worry, we’ll get you writing.

Should I bring my laptop?
Yes, if you prefer to work on your laptop. During the day, we’ll have use of tables by power outlets in the dining room for writing. If you prefer to work on paper bring that.

Can you cater to specific dietary requirements?
Yes, just let the staff at Arowhon Pines know about your needs.

I want to stay longer or arrive early. Is it possible to do that?
If you want to arrive early and stay longer, that is fine. Just arrange it with the resort. There is plenty to see and do in the park, and Arowhon Pines is a lovely place to base from.

Can I bring my spouse (or partner or friend)?
Certainly. Just let them know you’ll be spending most of your time writing, (though you will have some free time every day), and make sure they enjoy superb food, the beauty of the fall woods, and relaxing on the deck or the dock or out on a canoe as they glide past a moose munching on water lilies….

For more information or to register, email:

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Petites robes

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Other Food - Daily Devotions

What to do about 'undignified' worship

Michal despises David - James Tissot
Michal despises David - James Tissot
TODAY'S SPECIAL: 2 Samuel 6:1-23

TO CHEW ON: "Then David returned to bless his household. And Michal, the daughter of Saul, came out to meet David and said, 'How glorious was the king of Israel today, uncovering himself today in the eyes of the maids of his servants as one of the base fellows shamelessly uncovers himself!'" 2 Samuel 6:20

How deflating to return home from a grand and successful day, feeling full of love and good will toward your household, only to be met by the sarcastic words of a disdainful wife.

What was Michal's problem?
  • Did she think David had actually debased himself before the people with his leaps and spins of celebratory worship?
  • Or perhaps she thought she needed to educate him in behavior seemly for a king, seeing she had grown up in a king's household?
  • Obviously she didn't understand the depth of his devotion to God—a devotion that didn't pay any attention to his own dignity.

David didn't accept the put-down. His response matched Michal's in heat when he said, "It was the Lord who chose me instead of your father..." (entire answer - 2 Samuel 6:21,22).

This story is a cautionary tale to those of us who would judge others for their style of worship. Michal's criticism reminds me of the way the scribes and Pharisees reacted to Mary who showed her love for Jesus by anointing His feet with expensive spikenard perfume and wiping them with her hair. Let's let Jesus' rebuke of them ring in our hearts and minds any time we're tempted to criticize (verbally or mentally) the way someone else is worshiping: "Let her (him) alone..." John 12:7.

PRAYER: Dear God, help me not to be held by the chains of "what will others think?" or "we've never done it that way." May I not shackle others with those things either. I would rather say with David, 'I will be even more undignified than this, and will be humble in my own sight." Amen.


Unless otherwise noted all Scripture quotations are taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Bible Drive-Thru

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Anglican Samizdat

That was quick

From here: A Montana man said Wednesday that he was inspired by last week’s U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage to apply for a marriage license so that he can legally wed his second wife. Nathan Collier and his … Continue reading

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OMG! I Reached the Target!!! -24.5kgs!!

I've been so busy and it has been hard to follow the diet since my new job begin but still at least my brain has burned some energy so much while I've been sitting front of the computer that this morning when I stepped on the scale, for the last time of this project, it showed me 62.5kgs, meaning that I managed to reach my target weight that I set a year ago! 

I haven't yet checked the wedding dress but it should fit. I try it this evening when the kids fall asleep! And I promise to come back with photos and final fitness test results but don't wait me too early. I have to travel to Norway next week so the updates may last...



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After the Kids leave

Dr OddGlove – or how I came to hate my dentist

Yes, I know, I know, we’re on a “break”.  But I just have to interrupt our brief holiday to up-date you on my harrowing experience with the Demon Dentist of Harley Street.  I wrote the post below, along with a follow-up, about a year ago, detailing all the ways I’d like to torture my (former) […]

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Buzz Feed

22 Stages Of Attempting To Avoid Spoilers

I won’t be spoiled. It’s just not going to happen.

Hell yes, your favorite show is on tonight!

Hell yes, your favorite show is on tonight!

RealityTVGifs / Via

But wait, you won't be home in time to watch live.

But wait, you won't be home in time to watch live.

Nylon Magazine

No. This isn't happening.

No. This isn't happening.

Warner Brothers

Game-face time.

Game-face time.

The CW

View Entire List ›

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How to survive life in the suburbs

The One Where I Share Too Much About Me

My name is Stephanie, I’m 44 years old and I own that. I am Canadian!! (and proud of it)  Happy Canada Day, eh! I’m addicted to travel and a complete hotel snob.  I own that too. My hands shake when I have to do any kind of public speaking. I am truly directionally challenged.  (and […]

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Progressive Bloggers

cartoon life: Final thoughts

Filed under: art Tagged: despair, destiny, dialog balloons, Doom, madeWithPaper, space, thought clouds

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Bird Droppings

Haters gonna hate, beheaders gonna behead

   There wasn't much to choose from between the two sides in the motley assembly of demonstrators and counter-protestors who faced off outside a mosque in Phoenix Friday.  Mom, apple pie and semi-automatic stopping power were represented by bikers and other self-styled patriots who wanted to serve notice that ain't no A-rab or nobody else gonna tell Jethro what cartoons he can or can't draw in 'Murca.  On the other side of the police line were the usual suspects who never met a social justice cause they wouldn't hashtag to check their white privilege.   Happily, the prophet's avengers apparently got stuck in traffic en route, so the only shots fired were verbal. 
   Arguing over whether drawing pictures of Muhammad is a legitimate exercise in free speech or a calculated attempt to provoke a violent Muslim backlash misses the point.  Muhammad cartoon contests are themselves a backlash to violence already being perpetrated ad nauseam in the name of Islam.  Showing up with a variety of (legal) firearms was definitely white trash overkill on the part of the bikers and their allies, but I'll say this for that side of the debate: they're clear about where they stand. They believe in the liberal values that underpin western democracy and won't abide any attempt to undermine those values, especially from an ideology with a bloody track record of violently rejecting freedom and equality.
   The pro-Islam crowd, meanwhile, are hopelessly mired in their own contradictions.  The fundamental failing of white liberal apologists who like to play the "Islamophobe" card is that they're the same crowd who yammer endlessly about misogyny and homophobia, knowing full well that both are well-entrenched in the Islamic faith.  I have yet to hear anyone adequately reconcile Islamist apologia with the institutionalized subjugation of women or routine summary executions of homosexuals.  In fact, I haven't even heard them try - either because they know it would be a futile exercise, or they're too busy haranguing a Christian baker for balking at making a cake for a same sex wedding while gay Muslims are being thrown off rooftops or hanged from construction cranes. 
   It's fine - admirable, even - to promote racial and religious harmony and trumpet equal rights for all, but if you're not consistent in your convictions, you'll lose the credibility battle every time - even to gun-toting rednecks. 

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Trashys World

A moral leader???? Canada???

That’s rich! Harper and the CPC has taken our country from moral high ground to the sewers in 9 short (albeit looonnnggg) years. Canadians will see through these lies in the fall. From one of their increasingly desperate emails:    (9) Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario

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The Galloping Beaver

F-35 stories

There's a story circulating about a report by a F-35 driver on a close-range mock dogfight between a F-16 and F-35. The F-35 apparently failed completely in this most fighterly of fights. If true, then any air force wishing to maintain an air-to-air capability should not replace its entire fleet with this aircraft. In the air-to-air role, it is actually an air defence weakness that an enemy

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Michael Geist

Quebec’s Website Blocking Plan Gambles With the Open Internet

For governments accustomed to wielding their power to regulate local activity, the Internet has long been a source of frustration. From music sites to Uber to AirBNB, online services represent an enormous challenge to conventional government regulation, which typically relies on a jurisdictional hook to compel compliance.

While most reputable global companies can ill-afford to simply ignore laws or court orders, there are still websites that operate largely beyond the reach of government regulation. In response, some governments have attempted to regulate online behaviour, ordering Internet providers to block access to offending websites.

My weekly technology law column (Toronto Star version, homepage version) notes that Canadians have generally been spared website blocking initiatives due in part to the Telecommunications Act, which prohibits carriers from controlling "the content or influence the meaning or purpose of telecommunications carried by it for the public." That rule means that Internet providers are effectively prohibited from unilaterally blocking content.

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Montreal Simon

Horror Story: The Ghastly Picture of Chris Alexander

As some of you may know, I like to compare the Con Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, to the ghastly portrait in The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde's classic story.

Except in this story Dorian is Chris, and his portrait starts to turn monstrous after the once young bright diplomat sells his soul to Stephen Harper.

And today I have another scary chapter in that horror story.

Which begins when Alexander is interviewed, appropriately enough, by Vice Magazine.
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Ghost of a Flea

AyaSato presents Koshoku

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The Disaffected Lib

For Blacks, That Goddamned Flag Is Their Swastika

That the Confederate flag still flies atop the South Carolina state capital is an affront to decent people everywhere.  For white trash southerners, they'll defend it as a symbol of the civil war, a war fought for "state rights."  Of course they're pretty good at avoiding any mention that the state right in question was the right to enslave human beings.

For "black folks" that flag has an enduring meaning.

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De Smog Blog

Defra Fracking Report ‘Vindicates’ Lancashire Vote to Reject Cuadrilla Planning Applications

Revelations that shale gas extraction could lower property values, increase insurance costs, and damage the environment – according to the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ (Defra) report – have served to reinforce the Lancashire County Council’s decision to reject Cuadrilla’s planning application at Preston New Road.

The fracking report was released this week following a lengthy battle and appeal by Greenpeace to the Information Commissioner which ruled at the end of June that Defra must release the report in full. On Wednesday evening ministers complied with the order and quietly sneaked the report out, two days after the Lancashire vote refusing fracking in the area.

This report gives the lie to the shale lobby and ministers’ claim that there’s no evidence of negative impacts for fracking whilst questioning many of the arguments made in favour of it,” said Daisy Sands, Greenpeace UK energy and climate campaigner. “It’s a complete vindication of Lancashire County Council’s decision to reject Cuadrilla’s bid to frack in the region, and provides other councils with compelling reasons to do the same.”

var icx_publication_id = 14813; var icx_content_id = '9608'; [Reuse options] Click here for reuse options!

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The Wire Troll: Carlos Beltran Looking Like His Old Self

Milone has experienced a Beltran-esque spike in his ESPN ownership numbers, up 18.3 percentage points over the last seven days. He's posted three straight quality starts entering the weekend, including a one-run, seven-inning performance against the powerful Cardinals.

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Canadian Living

Thinking of knee surgery? Your relief may be short-lived

A new study review suggests pain relief after knee surgery may only be temporary.

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Pro Woman Pro Life

An open letter to the woman demanding a million dollars to avoid abortion

Many of you have heard of this woman by now. She says she’s a 26-year-old graduate student who lives in a state that requires a 72-hour waiting period between a consultation for an abortion procedure and the procedure itself. On July 7, this anonymous woman will give pro-lifers 72 hours to donate one million dollars […]

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Freedom Flotilla activists deported from Israel, to arrive in Canada today

Thursday, July 2, 2015
After having their ship illegally seized in international waters and being held in Israeli prison for 72 hours, Kevin Neish and Robert Lovelace are on their way home.

Chip in to keep stories like these coming.

Kevin Neish and Robert Lovelace, the two Canadian activists detained in Israel, are flying home today.

Photo: flickr/Vesselin Kolev

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Rolling Around in My Head

Blog Update

First I need to apologize for not posting for the last week without notification to the many faithful readers of this blog. I am being pulled in many directions, right now, for my time and energy, I'm afraid in that tussle, time for updating Rolling Around in My Head has simply not been there. I don't anticipate being able to get back to writing regularly for a few weeks yet. So, see you in early August.

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A Canadian Foodie

Lavazza Series 2015: La Bête Noire (The Black Beast Recipe)

The Traditional Black Beast Recipe is Transformed Past Perky Perfection! On holiday in Bijeljina, Bosnia, but with contract requirements to meet, what greater pleasure than La Bête Noire  or The Black Beast Recipe? I developed this recipe for the Thermomix machine 5 years ago for my dear friend, Marie’s 30th wedding anniversary, and it is...

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** Remember to join %% to create your own online recipe box and then click SAVE on my recipe below to add it! I use my online recipe box ALL the time! **

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Dean Somerset

The Coaching Grey Zone: When to Simply Shut Up

A common concept that consistently comes up is that exercise technique has to be bullet-proof and perfect for the individual to get the most out of it and to reduce the risks of injury or creating muscle imbalances. While this is true in theory, it’s also incredibly difficult to individualize for the person in front…… Read More

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Knit Nut

Ernie goes to Italy: Part I

I was going to blog about Italy today, but I didn’t get around to it. Here’s the thing: an Italy post needs pictures. I have a new camera (a real one, not a phone) and I’ve started learning Adobe Lightroom but I’m still figuring it out. So far I’ve imported our 1,987 Italy pictures, sorted [...]

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