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Final author reading night at CJ's Cafe ~ Don't miss it!

Authors gathered for a previous reading night at CJ's
Last Author Reading Night at CJ’s Café
Thursday, September 10, 2015
6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
CJ’s Cafe, 2416 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville
(On the south side of Lakeshore, just east of Bronte Road, across from a big grocery store. Lots of parking around the back. Map here.)

This is the night that graduates of Brian Henry’s writing classes and random readers of Quick Brown Fox strut their stuff. We’ll have a line-up of the most amazing emerging writers west of Toronto, and they’ll be reading some of the best work you’ll hear this year. Don’t miss it!

But Tonight
poetry by our hostess, CJ Martin
This reading night will also be a send-off for CJ Martin who will soon be closing her cafe and moving on to a new adventure. To help her on her way and to show our appreciation for hosting our reading nights all these years, I’ve arranged to have CJ’s collection of poetry, But Tonight, available for sale at the reading night. 

Copies will be signed by the author and are available for only $10 (regularly priced at $17.95). ~ Brian

Note: This fall, I have a full line-up of six weekly courses for beginners through advanced. See details of all six fall courses here. Or here's the schedule... 
“Exploring Creative Writing,” Thursday afternoons, Sept 24 - Nov 26, in Mississauga (see here).
“Writing Personal stories,” Thursday mornings, Oct 8 - Nov 26, in Oakville (see here)
“The Next Step in Creative Writing,” Wednesday evenings, Sept 30 - Dec 2, in Burlington (here).
“The Next Step in Creative Writing,” Thursday evenings, Sept 24 - Dec 3, in Georgetown,  (here).
“Intensive Creative Writing,” Tuesday afternoons, Sept 15 - Dec 8, in Burlington (here).
“Intensive Creative Writing,” Wednesday afternoons, Sept 16 - Dec 16, in Burlington  (here).
For details or to reserve a spot, email:
Read reviews of my courses and workshops here.

See Brian's full schedule here, including writing workshops and creative writing courses in Algonquin Park, Barrie, Bracebridge, Brampton, Burlington, Caledon, Collingwood, Georgetown, Guelph, Hamilton, Ingersoll, Kingston, Kitchener, London, Midland, Mississauga, Newmarket, Orillia, Oakville, Ottawa, Peterborough, St. Catharines, St. John, NB, Sudbury, Thessalon, Toronto, Windsor, Halton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Muskoka, Peel, Simcoe, York, the GTA, Ontario and beyond.

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Au bord de l'eau

Fay et Joel

Gary et autres

Lucille et Desy

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Other Food - Daily Devotions

Escape the grip of unhealthy tradition

Dress of a Pharisee
Dress of a Pharisee
TODAY'S SPECIAL: Mark 7:1-13

TO CHEW ON: " ' Thus you nullify the word of God by your tradition that you have handed down. And you do many things like that.' " Mark 7:13

You've probably heard the story of the young wife who cut the end off every roast before placing it in the oven. When her husband quizzed her about it, she said that's what her mom did. Mom said she did it because that's what her mother did. Grandma finally solved the mystery. "My roasting pan was too small," she said. "The roast didn't fit unless I cut the end off."

The religious pharisaic traditions we hear about in today's reading are just as binding and buried in history. Jesus names two: hand washing and Corban.

The ritual hand washing tradition came about when Jewish religious leaders decided it would please God if all people followed the hand washings done by the priests making the temple sacrifices. As well, "The Pharisees taught that religious defilement could be spread by touch, so they prescribed elaborate ceremonies of cleansing" - J. Lyle Story, notes on Mark, New Spirit-Filled Life Bible, p. 1362.

"'Corban' means withdrawing something from its intended use as though it were an offering made to God" - Ibid.  After a person had declared Corban over his property, he could continue to use it himself for as long as he lived but couldn't transfer its use to anyone else. Thus if he changed his mind and wished to move his parents onto that piece of property or sell it for cash, the law of Corban made that impossible.

These traditions offend Jesus. Later on in the chapter He teaches about real filthiness and how to be cleansed from it (Mark 7:18-23). In our reading He scolds the leaders for not allowing the people to obey the moral law of honouring parents with their man-made tradition law of Corban.

I see at least two lessons for me—and all of us—to learn here:

1. We need to be aware of any tradition or custom that would cause us to break God's moral law. For example, does the violation of our church's (unwritten) dress code cause us to be unfriendly to those who come in dressed, say, for the beach? Jesus wants to love the world through us (John 3:16).

2. We need to be aware of any system of rules or traditions that tell us this is what one needs to do to please God. This makes our faith a system of works, not grace. Even a tradition of church attendance and Bible reading could function in this way, reassuring us we've earned God favour. But that's not how it's done: "For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast" - Ephesians 2:8,9.

PRAYER: Dear God, please help me to recognize the unhelpful traditions in my life and escape their hold on me. Amen.

Unless otherwise noted all Scripture quotations are taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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Anglican Samizdat

Another quotidian baby part vendor lunch

In this video, StemExpress, baby part merchant, suggests cutting off the hands and feet of the aborted babies so that lab technicians can’t easily identify what they are looking at and have a meltdown. Even baby part trafficking ghouls know … Continue reading

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OMG! I Reached the Target!!! -24.5kgs!!

I've been so busy and it has been hard to follow the diet since my new job begin but still at least my brain has burned some energy so much while I've been sitting front of the computer that this morning when I stepped on the scale, for the last time of this project, it showed me 62.5kgs, meaning that I managed to reach my target weight that I set a year ago! 

I haven't yet checked the wedding dress but it should fit. I try it this evening when the kids fall asleep! And I promise to come back with photos and final fitness test results but don't wait me too early. I have to travel to Norway next week so the updates may last...



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After the Kids leave

Dr OddGlove – or how I came to hate my dentist

Yes, I know, I know, we’re on a “break”.  But I just have to interrupt our brief holiday to up-date you on my harrowing experience with the Demon Dentist of Harley Street.  I wrote the post below, along with a follow-up, about a year ago, detailing all the ways I’d like to torture my (former) […]

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Buzz Feed

27 Things People With Unnaturally Colored Hair Are Sick Of Hearing

“You could be so pretty if you had normal hair.”

"You're just dying your hair crazy colors for attention."

"You're just dying your hair crazy colors for attention."


Fueled By Ramen

"If you keep it that color, you won't get hired anywhere."

"If you keep it that color, you won't get hired anywhere."

—Mikki Ferguson, Facebook

Arista Records / RCA

"You're basically asking to be made fun of."

"You're basically asking to be made fun of."

—Hariadna Paiva, Facebook

Syco Music

View Entire List ›

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How to survive life in the suburbs

A Place You Can Breathe

Sometimes it feels like a mad dash.  Do you know the feeling?  The crush, the pressure, the craze to get everything you need to get done, so you can just “get to the cottage”.   Is it worth it to scrimp and to save?  The panic and mad packing, the fight you have to make through […]

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Progressive Bloggers

Politics and its Discontents: Looking Back

Although it was made in 2013, the following 22 Minutes’ video has lost none of its relevance:

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Bird Droppings

Michael Sam is no Jackie Robinson

   As social trailblazing goes, any comparison between Michael Sam and Jackie Robinson is tenuous at best, and at worst an insult to Robinson's legacy.
   Gay rights had already gone mainstream when Sam came out as pro football's first openly gay player last year. There was no establishment backlash like Robinson faced when he broke Major League Baseball's color barrier in 1947.  To the contrary, in 2015, anyone who publicly disparages the notion of a gay player in a pro sports locker room is fair game for mob shaming on social media and summary dismissal from their job.  
   Sam received overwhelming support from the football establishment, the media and the public through his journey from the US college ranks to NFL training camp to the CFL.  When he walked away from the Alouettes this week for the second (and probably last) time, it was because he couldn't handle the "pressure".  The pressure of what, exactly?  Of near-unanimous support from a gushing media and adoring public?  Of a two year contract worth a reported $100,000 per season when he still hasn't proven anything at the professional level?  Of the preferential treatment the Alouettes afforded Sam while he tried to sort out his personal problems?  The worst thing to happen to Michael Sam since joining the Alouettes - and it fits the timeline in the subsequent chain of events - was that his fiancée broke up with him.

   Jackie Robinson should have faced such adversity. Institutionalized racism in the form of official segregation was part of the American social fabric for two decades after Robinson played his first game for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Robinson endured open hostility from fans and players - including his own teammates - but he never quit.  His remarkable athletic skills were exceeded only by his character and resolve.
   I hope Michael Sam finds peace with whatever troubles him, but I'm not on board for the pity party.  He positioned himself as a social trailblazer and happily accepted the accolades, but he wasn't ready for the responsibility.  
   Michael Sam is no Jackie Robinson.  Hell, he's not even Caitlyn Jenner.

(Please note: anonymous comments will not be posted.  If you don't have the courage of your convictions to sign your name to them, you're in the wrong place.)

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Trashys World

Raising the bar

Trudeau’s closing remarks last night summed up what I have been saying for many years – the bar can be raised. Canadians don’t have to settle for a bar that is touching the ground. Harper has placed that bar so low on so many fronts: foreign affairs, the environment, fiscal policy… The list goes on.  […]

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Posted on 7 August 2015 | 12:03 pm

The Galloping Beaver

Rearguard election

Harper wanted a long campaign to spend his warchest. Great. All other things being equal, that would have helped him in his offensive attack-attack-attack approach to elections. Now, barely a few weeks in, events at the Duffy trial have turned that strategy on its head. It's a defensive action they are fighting now. The opposition parties scarcely matter because Duffy has nothing to do with them.

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Michael Geist

Senate Reports Give a Glimpse of Potential Future Digital Policies

The trial of Senator Mike Duffy featured several notable revelations last week about the inner workings of the Prime Minister's Office. One of the most important was found in a 2013 memo written by former chief of staff Nigel Wright that focuses on the control exerted by the PMO over the Senate. While the Senate is nominally an independent body of "sober second thought", the memo highlights how the PMO expects Senate leadership to follow directions from the Prime Minister and to avoid developing policy positions without advance consultations and approval.

For anyone who has followed Senate committee reviews of legislative proposals, the Wright memo is not particularly surprising. This past spring, a Senate committee review of Bill C-51, the controversial anti-terrorism legislation, heard from experts such as the Privacy Commissioner of Canada about much-needed reforms. Yet once it was time to vote, the committee left the bill unchanged, lending an air of theatre to the entire process.

My weekly technology law column (Toronto Star version, homepage version) notes that assuming that policy control over Senate committee remains a priority, a recent batch of Senate reports provides new insights into future Conservative policies. Weeks before the election call, Senate committees began releasing long-awaited reports on a wide range of issues including national security, digital commerce, and the future of the CBC. In fact, more Senate committee reports were released in June and July (15 in total) than in the previous 18 months combined.

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Montreal Simon

Senategate: Most Canadians Believe Stephen Harper is Lying

As we all know Stephen Harper has a lot of other problems to worry about. 

The economy is tanking, and so are his polls.

And as we know he has other fish to fry...

But he should also worry about his drowning credibility.

Because when it comes to the Senate scandal most Canadians think he's lying.
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Ghost of a Flea

Sky Rift Films - DJI Inspire 1 Demo 2015

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The Disaffected Lib

I Knew the Harper PMO Reminded Me of Something.

Yes, that's it! Something way back from my childhood. Yes.

Word has it that Harper chief of staff, Ray Novak, will be doing his best Sgt. Schultz impression when he gets grilled under oath in November.

Novak told CTV's Bob Fife, “Bob, I did not know that Mr. Wright was going to cut that cheque. Beyond that, I will speak at the appropriate time. Now is not the appropriate time.”

Fife then asked Novak if he had read the email in which Wright informed him that he was sending the $90,000 cheque.

“No I did not see that email, Bob,” Novak replied. “I first saw that email when it was disclosed much, much later.”

So, Sugar Ray, is going to say that Special Counsel Ben Perrin's crystal clear testimony that he watched Novak's face when Wright told them he was cutting the cheque to Duffy was a fabrication, an outright falsehood, rank perjury. Then he'll fall back on the now-standard "dog ate my homework" excuse to explain not reading the email from the then chief of staff, Nigel Wright.

It's hard to say if Duffy will spend any time behind bars but it's possible that Novak might.  At the moment, Novak has two choices - spin wildly implausible tales or expose his prime minister as a chronic and willful liar.

Apology:  Try as I might I was unable to find a suitable Mr. Burns and Smithers clip to post here. My failure has left me deeply remorseful.

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De Smog Blog

Will This Be Remembered as The Summer North Americans Woke Up to Climate Change?

Lizard Lake wildfire

Smokey haze, intense heat, encampments of evacuated residents next to the highway: these were the conditions that greeted Renee Lertzman when she recently drove through Oregon. It’s no wonder why the environmental psychology researcher and professor resorts to the term “apocalyptic” to describe the scene.

It was a surreal experience,” says Lertzman, who teaches at the University of San Francisco and Victoria’s Royal Roads University. “We’re all driving along and it’s so smoky and it’s terrifying. Yet we’re all doing our summer vacation thing. I couldn’t help but wonder: what is going on, how are people feeling and talking about this?”

It’s really the question of the hour. Catastrophic wildfires and droughts have engulfed much of the continent, with thousands displaced from their homes; air quality alerts confine many of the lucky remainder behind locked doors (with exercise minimized and fresh-air intakes closed).

Firefighters have been summoned from around the world to battle the unprecedented fires, which are undoubtedly exacerbated by climate change. Yet the seemingly reasonable assumption that witnessing such horrific natural disasters may increase support for action on climate change is vastly overestimated, Lertzman tells DeSmog Canada.

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2015 RotoRob NFL Draft Kit: Running Back Rankings

Charles is the main force that powers the Chief offense. If he stays healthy this year, he should surpass his yardage total from 2014. Last year, Charles missed one game for the second straight season, but he managed to stem his sliding average carry. He'll definitely need to put up more first downs this year if the Chiefs are going to get back to the postseason. Simply put, he's the most vital player in K.C., so needs to continue to be a stud for this team to be successful.

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Canadian Living

Food news: Recall on some B.C. oysters

B.C. oysters recalled by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Tim Hortons knock-offs spotted in South Korea.

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Pro Woman Pro Life

Planned Parenthood’s “best attempt at a defense was a miserable failure”

Planned Parenthood is scrambling. Matt Walsh explains how: As for the report itself, like I said, read it. Please read it. Lord, it’s laughable. I really want you to read it so you understand just how thoroughly, profoundly, irreparably dishonest the abortion industry is about everything, and how beholden our nation’s “reporters” are to it. […]

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The problem of uncertainty in economics and the wisdom of Keynes

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Rolling Around in My Head

His Voice, Another's Words

Photo Description: Handwritten words in capital letters reading: Tomorrow you'll have to live with the things you said.
I understand the difference between coincidence and causation, I do. Even so, it's hard, sometimes, not to jump from one to the other. I'll admit, in this instance, I did.

We were on a brief vacation and though the weather was unseasonably cold the whole time, we had a good time. One day we were out walking with Ruby and Sadie, heading over the the museum, when we walked by a car filled to the brim with children and noise and chaos. Suddenly something smashed to the ground and an angry father appeared out of nowhere. "You stupid, stupid boy!!! You can't do anything right!!" Tears flowed silently down the boys face. I felt Sadie's hand slip into my own, it seemed that she had been frightened by the man's voice and felt his anger reverberate through the air. I too felt the narrow timbers that hold up my self esteem tremble as words, not aimed at me, nonetheless echoed within.

They were gone.

Car and all.

When we walked back.

Today Joe and I were headed down to do our grocery shopping. We like to go early so that the store isn't packed and the streets are quiet. We walked by a young man, sitting on the pavement where he'd slept the night before. His head was down and his voice a mumble, his face was hidden by the brim of a baseball cap, tattoos of red dragons chased each other around one leg. Just as we passed by the mumbles got louder. A block away, his voice exploded into the air. It was an angry voice, a harsh and hateful voice, his voice, saying another's words, "YOU STUPID, STUPID BOY!!!! YOU'LL BE NOTHING. NOTHING! NOTHING!!" Silence. Then. A sob.

I had change in my pocket on the way back.

But he was gone.

As if he'd become ... nothing.



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A Canadian Foodie

Lavazza Series 2015: Sour Cherry Breakfast Cake

What is could be better than a steamy cup of Lavazza Espresso in the morning? A delicious, nutritious, economical and homemade “fresh from my own garden” breakfast with a steamy cup of Lavazza, that’s what! Oh, how I love the abundance of summer and the bounty a small urban backyard garden can provide. This is...

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Dean Somerset

Let’s Stop Calling Exercises “Functional,” Shall We?

A massive buzz word in the fitness industry is “functional,” which is touted as being an exercise or type of exercise that is thought to help with completing activities of daily living, or to help improve specific aspects of performance for certain activities like sports and being awesome in general. In many ways this is…… Read More

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Knit Nut

The edible helium balloon!

I don’t have an actual bucket list, but if I did, inhaling helium would have been on it. I finally got my chance to do it a couple of weeks ago, in the most unlikely of places. An edible helium balloon was served as a dessert course in a fancy restaurant!

I took GC to [...]

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