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Sorry if my posts have been sporadic for a few days.
I'll get back on schedule before the summer's over.

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Posted on 29 August 2014 | 9:13 pm


Sheree North: Sur les traces de Marilyn

Dawn Shirley Crang  Bethel est née à Los Angeles ( Californie) le 17 janvier 1932 et était la fille
unique de June Shoard et de Richard Crang. Son père meurt et sa mère se remarie avec Edward Bethel.  Elle commença, à 10 ans, à danser dans des shows pour soutenir le moral des troupes durant la seconde guerre mondiale. A 15 ans, elle épousa Fred Bessire et eut une fille: Dawn (1949).
Elle dansa dans des cabarets sous le nom de Shirley Mae Bessire. Elle tourna dans quelques courts-métrages osés avant d'être engagée comme figurante dans "Excuse my dust/Un fou au volant" (1951). Sheree divorça , en 1952.  Elle  fut danseuse dans "Here comes the girls/Il y aura toujours des femmes" (1953) avec Bob Hope et changea de nom.
Elle  fit ses débuts à Broadway dans la version musicale du film "La joyeuse suicidée" (1937), «Hazel Flagg» pour laquelle elle remporta un Theatre World Award.  Sheree North avait les cheveux platines comme l'actrice Carole Lombard et devint, évidemment, populaire.  On l'engagea pour tourner "Living it up/C'est pas une vie, Jerry" (1954), l'adaptation du spectacle. Daryl Zanuck, le patron de la Fox, lui fait signer un contrat, sans plus tarder, dans l'espoir qu'elle remplace un jour, Marilyn Monroe (comme tant d'autres). La Fox testa Sheree pour leurs futures productions que Marilyn refusait, " The Girl in Pink Tights" et "La Joyeuse Parade", elle portait les même vêtements de la garde-robe de Marilyn. Après les bouts d’essai, Sheree ne fut cependant retenue pour aucun des rôles.  Cependant, elle réussit  le test de "How to be very, very popular/Deux filles en escapade- La blonde fantôme" (1955) mais le film s'avéra médiocre, malgré la danse rock-and-roll de l'actrice. Sheree fut l'épouse de John Freeman, de 1955 à 1956.
Le scandale des films osés de ses débuts est avoué et pardonné, rapidement. Sheree tourna: "The lieutenant wore skirts/ Chéri ne fait pas le zouave" (1956),  "The Best Things in Life Are Free/ Les rois du jazz" (1956). Une nouvelle vedette blonde arriva à la Fox, Jayne Mansfield, alors on la cantonna dans des films dramatiques ou westerns jusqu'à la fin de son contrat, en 1958.
Elle eut une période difficile, qui l'amena à consulter un psychiatre qui devint son époux, en 1958, Gerhardt Sommer et eut une fille, Erika-Eve.  Durant, ce temps, elle participa à des séries télévisées et fit aussi des spectacles à Broadway,  en 1960,  «I Can Get It for You Wholesale». Elle divorça, en 1963.
Sheree  tourna dans le navet de science-fiction "Destination Inner Space" (1966), "Madigan/Terreur sur la ville" (1968), " The Gypsy Moths/ Les parachutistes arrivent", "The Trouble with Girls/ Filles et Showbusiness"(1969), "Charley Varrick" (1973), "The shootist/ Le Dernier des Géants" (1976), "A Real American Hero" (1978), en plus de ses participations aux populaires séries télévisées .  En 1980, elle interpréta le rôle de la mère de Marilyn Monroe dans le Télé film " Marilyn: The Untold Story". En 1981, Sheree et son futur mari Philip Norman furent blessés et hospitalisés lorsqu'ils furent frappés en traversant une intersection.
Elle joua dans :"Maniac cop" (1987),  "Defenseless /Sans aucune défense" (1991), "Susan's plan /Susan a un plan" (1998) .
Sheree North est décédée, le 4 Novembre 2005, de complications après un intervention chirurgicale.

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Posted on 29 August 2014 | 10:48 pm

Other Food - Daily Devotions

What's the point?

TODAY'S SPECIAL: Ecclesiastes 1:1-18

TO CHEW ON: "What profit has a man from all his labor
In which he toils under the sun?" Ecclesiastes 1:3

'What's the point" Solomon seems to be saying as he begins the little book of Ecclesiastes. This collection of only twelve chapters discusses the purpose of human endeavor. Scholars believe that Solomon wrote it at the end of his life, when he may have returned to God from the state that is described in 1 Kings 11.

Our reading today seems like the ruminations of an old man, or if not old, surely jaded:

- What's the purpose of all one's work, he asks. The next generation comes along and it's all forgotten anyway. (Ecclesiastes 1:4)

- Nature carries on in it its cycles uninterrupted (Ecclesiastes 1:5-7).

- Work is never done (Ecclesiastes 1:8a).

- Desire is never satisfied (Ecclesiastes 1:8b).

- Mankind really has no control over anything; what will be, will be (Ecclesiastes 1:9a).

- Everything supposedly new is really a rehash of something old (Ecclesiastes 1:9b-10).

- We forget the past, refusing to learn from or be changed by it (Ecclesiastes 1:11).

- Even what I (Solomon) learned in the quest for wisdom didn't satisfy (Ecclesiastes 1:17-18).

He seems, in all this, to be driving toward the conclusion that there is no point to anything.

I must admit, especially as I've grown older, that I have had some of the same thoughts. Witnessing loved ones die and seeing how quickly their memory and influence fade from this earth underlines the truth of what the preacher is implying. Does the perspective of increasing age doom one to adopt such a pessimistic outlook? Not at all.

As the writer of the Introduction to Ecclesiastes in my Bible says:

"The Preacher's constant probing of all existence for meaning shows him to be an optimist, not a pessimist, and his failure to discover any absolute, abiding value in this life ("under the sun") does not mean his quest is a failure. Instead, he finds himself compelled (by his observation that God placed order in the universe at the time of its creation, Ecclesiastes 3:1-14) to seek the value he seeks in the world to come (not "under the sun" but "above the sun" so to speak)....
The Preacher's failure to find real value in earthly things and comfortable lifestyles challenges the Christian who lives in this age of greed and materialism to concentrate on the things that are above (Colossians 3:1-2) and not to glorify greed and possessions." William C. Williams, "Introduction to Ecclesiastes," New Spirit Filled Life Bible, p, 844.

Before we succumb to the Preacher's negativity, let's remind ourselves, there is a point. But it's not to be found in this world.

PRAYER: Dear God, please help me not to view this life and human endeavor as ends in themselves. Help me, instead, to view all of life within the context of eternity. Amen.

Unless otherwise noted all Scripture quotations are taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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Posted on 31 August 2014 | 5:00 am

Anglican Samizdat

Toronto Jesus parade back on

We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Some of us, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford for example, are conspicuous, noisy, brash, drug-addicted, drunken sinners. I’ve always thought that type of sinner more endearing than miscreants with … Continue reading

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Posted on 30 August 2014 | 9:03 pm


99 High Knees and 13.5 Kilos Weight Loss

Fitness Test

Damn, I realised too late that I could have reached 100 steps in high knee running during the fitness test today. 99 steps in high knee running in 30 seconds is not a bad result and I'm so proud of it, even if affected to other drills of it, and I got worse result in endurance than four weeks ago. And it is my new record of the high knee running. The old record was 96, but still, 100 was so close.

This time and after 32 weeks I did already my ninth fitness test. It was easy to do with well rested muscles and in the end the result was surprisingly good, even if the exercising haven't been possible due the flu. My Fitness Score was 58 this time, which was 4 units better than previously but my Athleticism Score was 48, which was 5 units better. Again my athleticism score increased greatly. The more detailed results look like this now:

Endurance 72 (earlier 79, 68, 77, 68, 53, 52, 42, 01)
Flexibility 55 (earlier 55, 55, 55, 36, 55, 55, 55, 27)
Strength 65 (earlier 49, 60, 38, 51, 51, 34, 21, 09)
Speed/Reaction/Agility 78 (earlier 76, 50, 69, 59, 50, 45, 36, 58)
Balance 66 (earlier 75, 53, 63, 51, 54, 53, 24, 01)
Power 46 (earlier 12, 11, 05, 10, 9, 10, 37, 12)


This morning it was turn to weigh-in. This was 16. weigh-in after the initial one. Now my weight is going smoothly down and again the pace of 1 kilogramme in two weeks is found. After today's weigh-in my BMI is 25.4 and I have 1.5kgs left to my normal weight.


I have totally forgotten to reward myself after all the goals I have reached. I feel I haven't done that good because I haven't been able to keep my schedule even if I have burn 13.5 kilogrammes fat in about half year! But today I finally found new swimming suite (which looks like this) which I thought to buy as a birthday present to myself in July.



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Posted on 29 August 2014 | 2:32 pm

After the Kids leave

The Ice Bucket List

Dear Readers, We hear tell there’s an ice bucket challenge out there in the big world.  While we want no part of ice cubes running down our necks, we do think it’s fun to watch other people getting involved. Plus, it’s for an awfully good cause:  raising funds and awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis,   a […]

The post The Ice Bucket List appeared first on After the Kids Leave.

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Posted on 31 August 2014 | 12:28 am

Buzz Feed

The Definitive Ranking From Worst To Best Of Mario Kart 64's Items

Another damn banana?!

Green Shell

Green Shell

The GIF makes it look like a badass item, but IT'S NOT. This thing is 99% useless, because it has no drive. (You know, like that 34-year-old guy living in his parents' basement). The shell just goes willy-nilly and only if you're really lucky will it actually hit someone.

Nintendo / Via

Triple Green Shells

Triple Green Shells

This item is better than the single green shell, mostly because you have a slightly higher chance of hitting another player. But your plan will probably backfire.

Mushroom Boost

Mushroom Boost

This item is about as exhilarating as this photo. It gives you a quick boost, which ONLY matters if you're neck and neck at the finish line with that cute girl from down the street. Sure, you may win, but she's not gonna be back to play again anytime soon.

Nintendo / Via



Yes, Boo was originally an item before the Nintendo Gods let him be a racer. He makes you transparent, but only for a short time. Sounds cool, right? WRONG. The item allows bananas and shells to pass right through you, but you're usually never near any while using it. How convenient.

Nintendo / Via

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Posted on 31 August 2014 | 5:42 pm

How to survive life in the suburbs

A Beautiful Summer

This weekend we celebrate the very last weekend of the shortest summer ever?  There’s been too much rain and perhaps not enough sunshine; but we’ve managed to balance it all out with time with friends, some quiet nights, and a few glorious weekend escapes. I’m not ready for summer to be over, but I can’t […]

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Posted on 30 August 2014 | 11:33 am

Progressive Bloggers

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Family reasons #nlpoli

The story flopped out on Friday morning,  broken by VOCM, based presumably on information that came directly from Charlene Johnson herself.

We can presume that because as the rest of the newsrooms caught up to VOCM,  Johnson confirmed that the story was generally true.  As CBC reported, “Johnson said she wants to leave because of family concerns. Her husband now works overseas. As well, she is the mother of a young daughter.”

The eulogies for her political career were quick and generally laudatory. Some picked up on the line from her commentary that she was leaving because of family considerations and pronounced it entirely right and just.  Her husband was working out of the country and her young daughter was just five years old. 

Good for you, girl, they clucked in paternalistic approval.  Someone claimed out that Johnson had broken new ground by being the first politician to give . . . → Read More: The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Family reasons #nlpoli

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Posted on 1 September 2014 | 4:30 am

Bird Droppings

Justin vs. PKP - the looming Canadian idol showdown

     If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, the Parti Quebecois is truly insane.
     On the heels of one of the worst electoral spankings in their history, members of the the PQ caucus have reaffirmed their commitment to separation (or "sovereignty" as they like to call it, as part of a thus far failed public relations strategy to soft sell the potentially dire consequences of an abrupt rupture of the Canadian federation).  While there's no method to the separatist madness other than the tunnel vision pursuit of damn-the-torpedoes nationhood, the PQ dream might not be dead if the voting public's shallow obsession with style over substance proves to be a winning formula.
     Consider the potential scenarios for the next federal and provincial elections.  History suggests that Canadians prefer change - if only for its own sake - after two terms of the same government.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives are in their third mandate since 2006.  Between Harper fatigue and the personal appeal of Justin Trudeau, the Liberals are the favorites to win the next federal election, expected in the fall of 2015.  Trudeau might not have an impressive CV by professional or political standards, but his timing is right and he's got tremendous star power, which is hugely important in today's 24 hour, multi-platform media universe.
     Which brings us to PQ leadership frontrunner Pierre-Karl Peladeau - another political neophyte whose biggest assets are his bank account and his celebrity, although he is admittedly much more than a mere dilettante.  Peladeau is seasoned and accomplished at the highest levels of the business world.  A PKP-led PQ with a strong economic agenda and minus the ever more outdated racism and xenophobia that sunk Pauline Marois's boat would not only represent an attractive alternative to the Liberals at the provincial level, but could inspire the confidence that's always been the missing ingredient in the quest for "sovereignty".
     And this is where it gets really interesting: within 5 to 10 years, there's the possibility of a third Quebec referendum campaign with Pierre-Karl Peladeau and Justin Trudeau as the respective leaders of the Yes and No sides.  The future of a united Canada could possibly be decided by which member of the lucky sperm club flashes the warmest grin, has the nicest haircut and cuts the best figure in a $2500 suit.
     Lord help us all.

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Posted on 30 August 2014 | 4:49 pm

Trashys World

Alta Vista will be left in good hands at the Council table…

… if my friend and colleague, Jean Cloutier, is elected on October 27. Jean has been the President of the Canterbury Community Association for quite some time – this is the same group that I have been involved with for the past 4 years. I have seen first-hand the sweat and commitment that Jean has put […]

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Posted on 26 August 2014 | 12:01 pm

The Galloping Beaver

Con Canuck cold warriorerness

Laurie Hawn must be feeling downright nostalgic these days, what with RCAF CF-18s in Europe squaring off against the Ruskies, again. He was there in the 1970s driving CF-104 Starfighters. In the linked Star piece, Hawn talks about being chased out of East German airspace by their MiGs. I thought this was interesting so I googled around and found a more complete account of Hawn's navigation moment

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Posted on 31 August 2014 | 7:32 am

Michael Geist

BC Court Rules on Signing Away Your Reasonable Expectation of Privacy

Canadian privacy law has long been reliant on the principle of "reasonable expectation of privacy."  The principle is particularly important with respect to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as the Supreme Court of Canada has held that the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure is grounded in a reasonable expectation of privacy in a free and democratic society.

The reasonable expectation of privacy standard provides a useful starting point for analysis, but the danger is that privacy rights can seemingly be lost with little more than a contractual provision indicating that the user has no privacy. Indeed, if privacy rights can disappear based on a sentence in a contract that few take the time to read (much less assess whether they are comfortable with), those rights stand on very shaky ground.

My weekly technology law column (Toronto Star version, homepage version) notes the limits of the reasonable expectation of privacy standard emerged in a recent British Columbia Court of Appeal case involving the search of a courier package that contained illegal drugs. The court rejected claims of an illegal search, concluding that the defendant had no reasonable expectation of privacy despite the fact that he had no commercial relationship with the courier company and had never agreed to, or even viewed, the terms of the contract.

The post BC Court Rules on Signing Away Your Reasonable Expectation of Privacy appeared first on Michael Geist.

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Posted on 27 August 2014 | 10:01 am

Montreal Simon

Stephen Harper and the Deep Not So Blue Ontario Sea

It was so beautiful and warm yesterday I wish I could have spent the whole day sunning myself on the beach, or swimming in Lake Ontario.

Because when I saw the lifeguard boys racing for home at the end of their shifts, I was reminded that summer will soon be following them.

Which was a really depressing thought eh?

Until I thought that maybe they were just racing to save Stephen Harper.

Because when it comes to the province of Ontario, he's definitely going under. 
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Posted on 28 August 2014 | 7:53 am

Ghost of a Flea

Bookmark - Italo Calvino (1985)

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Posted on 29 August 2014 | 9:48 am

The Disaffected Lib

Harper's War on Charities is a War on All of Us

Never underestimate the scope and impact of the Harper regime's war to gag our charities. Oxford student and 2013 Rhodes Scholar, Joanne Cave writes in today's Times Colonist that the use of the CRA cudgel to silence charities by Harper & just the tip of the iceberg.

The recent Canada Revenue Agency crackdown on everyone from Pen Canada to Oxfam — noting, quite appallingly, that “preventing poverty” isn’t an appropriate charitable aim after all — has Canada’s charitable sector wondering: When is enough, enough?

And if you think the issues facing charities aren’t relevant to your life, think again — your local museum, soccer club, Alzheimer’s day program and national park preservation committee are likely registered charities.

The fear-mongering culture created by such frequent political audits is, unfortunately, only the tip of the iceberg in how Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has approached its relationship with the charitable sector. Prior to the 2010 G8 Summit, at which maternal health was a critical part of the agenda, federal funding for 11 Canadian women’s organizations was cut due to their pro-choice advocacy. Similar restraints have been placed on organizations in immigrant settlement services, environment and climate change advocacy and anti-poverty.

While compliance with the CRA’s 10 per cent threshold for advocacy activities is important to prevent abuses to the system, such an audit culture drains the resources of small organizations and paralyzes their participation in the political process. I donate to charities, as do many other Canadians, because I want them to take a stand on issues I believe in.

Federal funding, when it is available, is often short-lived for Canadian charities. Under Harper’s government, charities can increasingly get only project-based funding rather than ongoing, and decidedly less sexy, core organizational funding that enables long-term sustainability. By refusing to fund charitable organizations long-term, we assume that services such as food banks, counselling services, support groups and assisted recreation programs are not integral to the fabric of our society. 

This creates what is often described as a “shadow state” in social policy — when government downloads the provision of services to charitable organizations as arm’s-length partners and uses policies, such as CRA’s political audit crackdown, to limit their independence and constrain their ideological stances. It paralyzes innovation, muzzles healthy political discourse and disrespects the fundamental role of charities in supporting our country’s most disadvantaged communities.

The women’s sector — with which I am most familiar — is still reeling from policy and funding changes imposed several years ago. These changes included the elimination of a $1-million independent research fund on women’s issues, the restriction of all advocacy and legal reform activities for grant recipients (e.g. a women’s shelter advocating on issues pertaining to violence against women) and the removal of the word “equality” from the funding program’s goals.

The CRA’s expanding audit culture is leading charities in a similar direction, but creates a confusing paradox: If charities can’t advocate on the issues that mandate their existence in the first place (a preventive approach) and can’t expect long-term government funding (a reactive approach), where will change come from?

This kind of audit culture actively prevents the civic participation our democracy relies upon, silences the organizations we care about most and forces our thriving charitable sector to become unfairly apolitical. If this frustrates you, donate to charities whose advocacy activities you believe in as a sign of solidarity and support.

Charities, you’re not alone. 

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Posted on 19 August 2014 | 3:07 pm

De Smog Blog

DeSmog UK Launches To Combat Climate Denial in Europe Ahead of Paris Climate Talks

A welcome message from DeSmogBlog executive director Brendan DeMelle.

We’re pleased to introduce DeSmog UK, a brand new investigative journalism and research outlet dedicated to clearing the PR pollution that clouds climate science and exposing the individuals and organizations attacking solutions to global warming.

The newest addition to the international DeSmog network, DeSmog UK seeks to expose the same fossil fuel industry funded attacks on science and democracy that its colleagues at DeSmogBlog and DeSmog Canada investigate every day. 

DeSmog UK has appointed as Editor the intrepid British journalist Brendan Montague, who has spent the past three years examining climate denial and the origins of the think tanks and front groups that have waged war on climate science and policy solutions to global warming.

A small number of individuals and organizations have crafted a polluter-friendly echo chamber to confuse the public about the scientific consensus on global warming.

They hope to gain an outsized amount of influence over public policy debates on a range of environmental and public health priorities, most notably climate change and energy policy.

Their goal is simple: to delay action to curb global warming pollution and foster a clean energy future by creating doubt in the minds of the public. They use the same tactics — and many of the same PR firms and individuals — deployed by the tobacco industry in its decades-long campaign to protect cigarette profits and avoid accountability for killing millions of people.

Wherever the climate deniers and anti-science disinformers go, DeSmog will be right on their heels working to expose their spin and holding them accountable.

Although the UK government used to be respected for understanding the urgency of identifying policy solutions to combat global warming, the country’s leadership has shifted in recent years to an anti-science position that is leading Britain and much of Europe in the wrong direction on climate and energy policy.

Through original investigative journalism and crowd-powered deep research, DeSmog UK will expose the individuals and organizations responsible for delaying action on climate change in the UK.

With the international climate negotiations process stalled in dire straits, and the critical COP 21 meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change coming up in Paris in December 2015, there is an urgent need to clear up the denial campaign that has hindered progress toward climate policy solutions around the world.

The science is clear, the clock is ticking and yet the public debate on solutions remains polluted by industry-funded misinformation and propaganda.

DeSmog UK seeks to hold accountable those responsible for these attacks on science and democracy, clearing the way for informed public discourse and political action to avert runaway climate change.

You are invited to partner with us in this important endeavor — in fact, we’re counting on you — so let’s get started.

First, take a minute to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and sign up for our newsletter so you can stay up to speed on all of DeSmog UK’s activities.

Now let’s begin with an introductory series by DeSmog UK editor Brendan Montague.

Image credit: Kris Krug

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Posted on 1 September 2014 | 12:53 am


The Wire Troll: Miguel Gonzalez Grooving for B-More

In his last three starts, he's only given up 14 hits, four earned runs and three walks while fanning 13 in 19 1/3 IP. He's won twice and taken a hard-luck loss. Gonzalez, part of a very cheap Orioles rotation (except for that Jimenez dude), seems to do enough to put himself in line for some wins given how strong the B-More offense is, so give him a look in deeper mixed leagues and add him in AL-only formats.

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Posted on 31 August 2014 | 2:55 pm

North by East West

Absolutely Free Announce Debut Album, Share Free MP3

Toronto’s Absolutely Free have announced that they will release their self-titled debut on Arts & Crafts on October 14. To celebrate, they’ve shared a free stream of the first single ‘Beneath the Air’; The eight track effort finds the band honing and expanding their sound, incorporating new analog electronics, African polyrhythms, psychedelia, and hints of Bollywood
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Posted on 7 August 2014 | 8:36 pm

Canadian Living

Free September 2014 desktop calendar

Enjoy our free September 2014 desktop calendar. 

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Posted on 29 August 2014 | 2:12 pm

Pro Woman Pro Life

About the ice bucket challenge

A few people have emailed or asked whether I would do it. No, I wouldn’t, because I never want to encourage the use of embryos for scientific research. (NB: Stem cells need not be embryonic. There is much research that can be done without using embryos, and to date, it’s been more effective, anyway.) Then […]

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Posted on 29 August 2014 | 4:25 pm


Opponents beyond PC ranks start to take aim at Alberta leadership candidate Jim Prentice

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Posted on 31 August 2014 | 2:18 am

Rolling Around in My Head

The Parting of The Bar Chairs

After a day of watching DVD's and eating left over Chinese food for lunch, we decided maybe it was time to shower and head out to the pub. This being day one of a five day vacation, it was about 4:00 when we showered and dressed. We wandered down the street, I frustrate Joe a little bit by being an inveterate window shopper. I figured, however, and Joe eventually agreed, that wandering and meandering our way to the pub was, part and parcel, what vacation was about.

I've written before about how the patrons of the pub snap into action to make sure that I have a pathway in, particularly for my first sharp turn into the bar. We took our places and set about chatting and relaxing in the atmosphere. It was weird relaxing from a day of relaxing, but, it was oddly needed. So. We did.

As this is one of the few accessible bars in the area, another fellow, a scooter user, has started coming there too. Often at similar times to when we are there. I think everyone expected us to become immediate and fast friends because we both have disabilities. But this has not happened. We are nodding acquaintances and we speak mostly when he's trying to get by my chair or I'm trying to get by his scooter. Sometimes our misunderstandings of what the other wants to do can be quite comic. He's pleasant. I'm pleasant. That's pretty much as far as the relationship goes.

So when he was heading out, I saw him coming, and began to turn my chair such that I was backing my back wheels out of the way. The folks in the bar all became aware of us readying to pass in a narrow space. He and I have no difficulty with this. We both know how to use our space, we both know both how much space we need and how much space we take up, we do this with a great deal of ease. However people decided they wanted to help. Nice. But helping isn't helping when people are moving things that don't need to be moved, or calling out instructions that don't need to be called out.

I started to laugh when I noticed that the people behind him were moving chairs that he'd already passed by. The bar was in motion! When I had my chair in position, I asked him, "That give you enough room?" He said that it did. Then looked up to see an aisle completely cleared leaving him a huge passageway out of the bar. For the few minutes that this took to happen, the sound of chairs moving had echoed throughout the small bar.


He was gone.

It was a bit silly and a bit funny. But, I'd rather this that the antagonistic sneer I get when I go to other restaurants and bars and people resent moving their chairs, or sit there an pretend not to hear my request for them to pull their chair in, or move their purse, or grab and empty chair beside them and pull it a bit towards them so I can get by. I'd rather the good naturedness of these particular folks.

To tell a bit of a secret. When this other fellow started coming, I actually got worried. Oh, no, there are two of us in here with big mobility devises. His scooter isn't small. Mine chair isn't either. As it's a small place would they feel 'overtaken' by having us both there. Because really, when we both are there the chair and the scooter, even when parked as out of the way as possible, are highly evident. But, no, no one seems to care. It doesnt' seem to matter. I shouldn't have had to worry, but I did because I thought I had to.

After Joe finished a couple of beer and I finished my tea, with a soda water chaser, we made our way out. The aisle was still mostly clear and I sailed by tables wishing everyone a good night. We made our way over to a friends place, someone dealing with a fairly serious illness, and spent a few hours laughing and joking and reminiscing. We told him about our experience in the bar and suggested that if they could cope with a scooter and a chair, they could cope with his walker. They'd have a hat trick of mobility devices! He said that when he was better, he'd give it a shot. We strolled on home, unhurried because there were more left overs in the fridge. It was going to be a very late supper, but what the hell?

I could get to like this vacationing kind of thing.

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Posted on 30 August 2014 | 6:56 am

A Canadian Foodie

Identifying My Canadian Voice

The Canadian Food Experience Project: End Reflection The Canadian Food Experience Project has had a profound effect upon my life, my understanding of Canadian food, Canadian culture, and upon developing a much more distinct Canadian voice within my own writing. Certainly, the project has heightened my sensitivity and awareness to regional Canadian cuisine, culture and […]

** Remember to join %% to create your own online recipe box and then click SAVE on my recipe below to add it! I use my online recipe box ALL the time! **

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Posted on 30 August 2014 | 12:18 pm

Dean Somerset

10 Lessons on Fitness from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones, the HBO series based on the novels, has taken the world by storm due to the gratuitous usage of nudity, brothels, beheadings, incest, corruption, nudity, plot twists, throat slits, nudity, and epic battle scenes, amazing sets and a stupid awesome opening sequence. It’s turned average regular folks into stark-raving Dungeons & Dragons…… Read More

The post 10 Lessons on Fitness from Game of Thrones appeared first on

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Posted on 26 August 2014 | 7:58 am

Knit Nut

Favourite Field Trip

Last weekend we drove out to Smith Falls to visit the Parrot Partner bird sanctuary in their groovy new digs. Since our last visit, they’ve become a registered charity and they’ve moved out of Judy’s house, which had been taken over by all the parrots she had rescued. You know how it goes. One [...]

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Posted on 16 August 2014 | 3:25 pm