No Dogs or Anglophones

Thanks for the Memories....

For over four years I've written this blog in an effort to fulfill an inner desire to share some of my thoughts and experiences with you.

From a tiny following, the blog has blossomed, giving a small voice to a not so insignificant segment of Quebec Anglo society that the mainstream media doesn't seem to address. It has been, to say the least, entirely rewarding and I've kept going far beyond where I first thought I'd go solely because of the readership.

But all things come to an end.

With the election of the Liberals and the prospect of the PQ dim for the short and immediate term, there is less of an impetus for me to continue.

Can we as Anglos and Ethnics claim victory over sovereigntist forces?

Perhaps yes, but the real problem was never sovereignty, but rather the treatment of Anglos and Ethnics by all  Quebec governments.
It is sad to see that we continue to be viewed as interlopers, a people to be controlled not appreciated, an alien nation within the legitimate body politic of French Quebec.

Too harsh?
Nope, I don't think so. I continue to believe that if Quebec chooses to remain in Canada, it is simply an economic decision, the alternative of an independent and truly French Quebec a dream too costly and unrealistic for a generation whose real values include Facebook and Nintendo.

I remain convinced that if Quebec had the wealth of Alberta's oil sands, this province would have overwhelmingly voted for independence years ago.
It's really just about the money and when Quebecers finally realized how much money Canada lavishes upon them, the independence movement withered.

Such is the reality of our Quebec society, locked into a loveless marriage of convenience, forever unhappy and unfulfilled but financially comfortable, a difficult trade off to make.

As for myself, I look forward to the summer, sipping margaritas by the backyard pool, leaving the bitching and moaning to others, God knows, I've done my share.

To those who have been faithful readers and contributors I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest, friendship and lively conversation.

I would never have come this far without you.

and so I fade to black....

I'll leave the comments section open for a while and the blog itself open for research purposes.

Thank you all once again.....

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Posted on 1 July 2014 | 9:23 am

Justin Trudeau

Harper’s early election call will cost Canadians millions

OTTAWA – While middle class Canadians are struggling to make ends meet, the Harper Conservatives will needlessly waste public money with an early election call, said Liberal MP Marc Garneau. “While the economy is stalled, Canadians will pay the price for Stephen Harper’s early election call, which will cost taxpayers millions of dollars,” said Mr. […]

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Posted on 31 July 2015 | 3:00 pm

Ezra Levant

Sorry, unions: Fast food kiosks are making the minimum wage debate (and some of your members) obsolete

It’s always been true that raising the minimum wage raises unemployment, as employers are forced to fire workers they can no longer afford. But now there’s another factor to consider: Kiosks in fast food restaurants could soon replace low wage staffers (with the advantage that machines won’t get your order wrong.) Unions love high minimum […]

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Posted on 31 July 2015 | 11:37 am

Scott's DiaTribes

Celebrating 10 years of Progressive Bloggers today

Today is a pretty neat day – I’ll be in Toronto gathering with some of our blogging afffiliates past and present to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Progressive Bloggers – the original blogging aggregator of progressive blogs in Canada. It was started up in June 2005 by Wayne Chu, aided by Dan Arnold (of CalgaryGrit fame) with some advice from me and others on forming something to show the then very active blogosphere there were more then just the Blogging Tories online. (The blogosphere back then was seemingly dominated by conservative blogs – I’d like to think we helped counter that a tad).

Wayne stepped away from his admin [...]

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Posted on 25 July 2015 | 11:23 am

Dawg's Blog

Worth, uh, framing

We’ve come a long way from MPs who actually represent their constituencies. What a gang of mindless…well, robots....

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Posted on 31 July 2015 | 9:04 pm

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff

We Are Not Charmaine Borg, We Are The Conservatives

Ms. Borg is an NDP MP, and is most definitely not one of these Conservative trained seals. It's funny but I think they left out female MPs to make it look like CPC are a bunch of old white men — Stephen Maher (@stphnmaher) July 30, 2015 This is hilarious. 13 Conservative MPs deliver […]

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Posted on 31 July 2015 | 12:31 am

Erich the Green

March for Jobs, Justice and Climate this weekend

We seem to be at an impasse in the climate crisis. Rich nations like Canada, having already used fossil fuels to create a prosperous lifestyle but polluted our atmosphere in the process, are making unfair demands at international climate talks. We ask that other, poorer nations commit to matching cuts, even though they had little hand in creating our current overload of atmospheric carbon. Compounding the unfairness is that we can afford to sit back and dither, growing rich and spewing more waste while poorer nations are already suffering catastrophic effects of sea rise, drought, and violent storms.
Greens for Jobs, Justice and the Climate
Well, this Sunday, Canadians from all walks of life come together in Toronto to promote a different vision at the March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate; a new partnership between environmentalists and labour, providing voice for First Nations, migrant workers, youth, faith communities, and other stakeholders struggling for justice and a sustainable future.
This event targets the myth that moving toward a sustainable environment will cost jobs. Quite the opposite: decarbonizing our economy is a huge economic opportunity. A better, stronger, fairer economy will create billions of jobs, but we must ensure those jobs include a fair wage and livable conditions, and that all will benefit from the prosperity of the green energy revolution.
Climate justice means a more inclusive conversation. This year, over 300,000 people in the global south will die from violent, chaotic climate weather-related events. Yet Canada is well-placed to show leadership. Millions of our first-generation citizens have direct experience with climate chaos, such as the Filipino and Caribbean communities and people with ties to India. They link us directly to both the problems and the global solutions.
Many demonstrations are about the “NO”: against tar sands, pipelines, fracking, or new nukes, but this march is about the “YES”, about building a fair, just, sustainable economy for the whole planet. We have the solutions: clean energy, better transit, localized agriculture, fair labour standards; we just need to come together and apply them. For one specific idea, Barrie—Springwater—Oro-Medonte Green Party candidate Marty Lancaster proposes that Barrie become a hub for new research, technology and production of next-generation batteries and energy storage. The growing popularity of electric cars like my Chevy Volt, and the pairing of clean renewable energy with storage to create on-demand electric supply, means this is sure to be a growing and high-paying industry. (More on this in a future column).
For a healthy, sustainable, just world for our children, our grandchildren, and their children, we must stop digging a deeper carbon hole and start building a stairway to an economy that provides for us without robbing future generations or disadvantaging other nations. This march is all about building that “stairway to heaven”, if you will.
Marching Marty Lancaster
And Barrie will be there! You can join Marty Lancaster and local activists Climate Action Now at the Allandale GO station Sunday morning to catch the 9:40 train, arriving at Queen’s Park before the 1 PM rally and march to the Allan Gardens. Find more information and connect with Barrie’s contingent via or if you are coming from elsewhere, visit to find charter buses or ride-shares. Let’s set Canada on a just, sustainable path of climate leadership and prosperity!

A politically expurgated version of this was published as my Root Issues column in the Barrie Examiner
Erich Jacoby-Hawkins is a director of Living Green and the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation

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Posted on 11 July 2015 | 8:29 pm

Five Feet of Fury

Charles C. Johnson: ‘The word of the week is ‘cuckservative,’ and boy, is it overdue’

Charles C. Johnson is pretty pissed: While Michelle Malkin routinely featured me and my work on Twitchy, when Twitchy got sold to cuckservative Salem Communications I was never mentioned again. When I wrote for the Daily Caller I got hundreds of Drudge links even though I wasn’t technically on staff. When I work for myself […]

Kathy Shaidle's NEW book, Confessions of a Failed Slut, is available HERE.

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Posted on 31 July 2015 | 5:58 pm

A Blog By James Curran

Happy Birthday Madiba

Nelson, the world needs more of you. We miss you kind sir. Happy Birthday!

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Posted on 18 July 2014 | 4:29 am


International Monetary Fund (IMF) Research PROVES 'Trickle Down Reaganomics' Do NOT Work !!!


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has now released detailed research that proves a pillar of right wing economic theory DOES NOT WORK !!! Huffington Post

"The International Monetary Fund just blew a big hole through trickle-down economics. You’ve probably heard of trickle-down economics: It gained popularity in the 1970s and was a major part of the pro-business “Reaganomics” agenda of the 1980s.

The theory is simple enough: If you concentrate capital (money) at the top of the economic ladder (among the wealthy and corporations), that money will be more productive than it would be elsewhere, and it will create work and therefore income for everyone else. Whether it was sound or not, it was a compelling theory for many in the business and political world, because it meant, among other things, tax cuts for top earners. And it was used for years as part of the foundation for successive corporate tax cuts around the world.

But now the IMF is raising one little problem with the theory: Apparently it doesn’t work. That’s the argument in the fund’s new research paper, “Causes and Consequences of Income Inequality

Looking at data from 159 countries from 1980 to 2012, researchers found that when the wealthiest 20 per cent see their share of income rise by one per cent, the economy grows 0.08 percentage points slower over the next five years. “In contrast, an increase in the income share of the bottom 20 percent (the poor) is associated with higher GDP growth,” the report says.

When the poorest 20 per cent increase their share of total income by one per cent, the economy grows 0.38 percentage points faster. Translation: Give tax breaks or higher wages to the poor, and the economy will grow. Give tax breaks or higher incomes to the rich, and you reduce economic growth. “The benefits do not trickle down,” the researchers conclude."

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Posted on 18 June 2015 | 3:56 pm

Mark Steyn

The Gal That Got Away

One Sunday in the summer of 1954 Alec Wilder, a composer of serious concert music, went with a couple of friends to a bar in Toms River on the New Jersey shore. He had some loose change in his pocket, so he went to the jukebox and dropped a nickel on the new Sinatra single. The machine extracted the 45, lowered it to the turntable, and dropped the needle. A big brassy vamp filled the barroom, reprised by the rest of the orchestra, and at a brisk clip. And then Frank...

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Posted on 31 July 2015 | 2:00 pm

Huffington Post

Expanding Free Trade With Israel: A Step in the Wrong Direction for Canada

On July 21, the Conservative government announced an "expansion" and "modernization" of Canada's free-trade agreement with Israel. This development didn't make it into any headlines in Canadian media, and it eluded the attention of the official opposition. But if we, as Canadians, wish to play a positive role in the international community, this development cannot be overlooked.

It has become common knowledge that since 1967, Israel has maintained a military occupation over lands it captured in a war with its Arab neighbours. We are all familiar, too, with the fact that Israel has been establishing Jewish-only settlements on prime real estate within these occupied territories, in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. For nearly 50 years Israel has openly flouted international law as it continues to build new settlements and expand its existing ones, displacing more Palestinians and appropriating more lands and resources in the process.

Canada's official policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict recognizes the application of the Fourth Geneva Convention to the lands Israel has occupied since 1967, and states, "The settlements also constitute a serious obstacle to achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace." So these settlements, according to Canada, are not only war crimes, but are a "serious obstacle" to ending one of the longest-running conflicts in the world.

In close to 50 years of this illegal behaviour--and in violation of our official policy--Canada has never leveled sanctions against Israel. In fact, as Israel has continued to gobble up Palestinians' lands and resources, we've been rewarding Israel, rather than reprimanding her. In 1997, while Israel was violating its obligations under the Oslo Accords by exponentially expanding its illegal settlement enterprise, Canada established its first-ever bilateral trade agreement--the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA).

Under CIFTA, Canada has been importing goods produced and manufactured in Israel's illegal settlements, free of tariffs. Nearly 20 years after CIFTA's signing, you would think that this practice would be reversed, if anything, since Israel's current Prime Minister has made it clear that he refuses to establish a Palestinian state, and will never relinquish land Israel has settled illegally within occupied Palestinian territory.

Not only has this practise continued without hindrance, it has not even been discussed in the political arena. The European Union, meanwhile, has had measures in place for well over a decade to ensure that illegal settlement products do not enjoy tariff-free status under its free trade agreement with Israel. It's no surprise, really, since the EU recognizes the settlements as being illegal under international law.

It gets worse. Canadian consumers are not given the real freedom of choosing to avoid products from Israel's illegal settlements, since they are mislabelled as being "Made in Israel." This violates the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act, which in Section 7 (c) prohibits false and misleading representations on prepackaged products, which includes the product's origin.

The UK, Belgium and Denmark each have national guidelines on labeling goods from Israel's illegal settlements, and the EU committed to establishing these guidelines years ago. After being pressured by John Kerry to delay implementing these proposed guidelines until after the most recent "peace talks," which of course failed in the face of Israel's refusal to freeze expansion of its illegal settlements during the duration of the talks, the EU is about to begin labeling illegal settlement products.

The complete lack of discussion on this issue in the Canadian political arena is not because those segments of Canadian civil society that support Palestinian human rights have not tried to initiate dialogue. The United Church of Canada sent a letter to John Baird on February 28, 2013, urging the Canadian government to, at the very least, "introduce guidelines for retailers that would encourage them to label goods from the settlements differently from products made in Israel." A page encouraging Canadians to take action is set up on the Church's website, directed to Minister of Trade Ed Fast and Minister of Foreign Affairs Rob Nicholson.

While many supporters of Palestinian human rights acknowledge that labeling goods from these illegal settlements is not nearly enough, as the United Church indicates, it is the very least we would expect Canada to do. Of course, Israel is to blame for its illegal settlements, and cannot be disconnected from them, since successive Israeli governments are fully responsible for establishing them and creating the conditions for them to expand and multiply. Logically, sanctioning Israel would be the appropriate measure to take.

But in a Canada in which our current government has expressed undying loyalty to Netanyahu's regime, and where the opposition parties appear unwilling to publicly shame the government for its appalling disregard for the human rights of Palestinians, we cannot realistically expect the enactment of state sanctions against Israel any time soon.

If the NDP wants to prove to Canadians that it is indeed the government in waiting, and that it's visibly different from the Conservatives, then we should all expect it to commit to taking action on this issue. Will the NDP, at the very least, commit to reforming CIFTA to exclude tariff-free imports of illegal Israeli settlement products? Will the NDP, at the very least, promise to label products originating from the illegal Israeli settlements so that Canadian consumers will no longer be deceived?

If the NDP cannot even make these bare-minimum commitments, which have already been embraced by most of our allies in the Western World, then we can expect that they will not differ from the Conservative government in their complicity with Israel's illegal behaviour. So far they have been silent on the expanded and modernized CIFTA. It remains to be seen whether this silence will continue until the upcoming federal election.


-- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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Posted on 31 July 2015 | 4:08 pm

Andrew Coyne

Andrew Coyne: Premiers’ energy strategy just an agreement to do as they like

All they could ever really agree to do as a group is what each was planning on doing anyway. Nevertheless, negotiate they have, for five long years

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Posted on 18 July 2015 | 1:28 am

Blazing Cat Fur

Information in classified Clinton emails came from multiple intelligence agencies, source says

Hillary Clinton security risk, muslim brotherhoodClassified emails stored on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private server contained information from multiple intelligence agencies in addition to data connected to the 2012 Benghazi attack, a source familiar with the investigation told Fox News. The information came from the National Security Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National-Geospatial Agency, as well as […]

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Posted on 31 July 2015 | 1:09 pm

Driving The Porcelain Bus

NDP Clearest Alternative, Globe & Mail Is Loathe To Admit

The G&M must be loathe to report stories like this. But the NDP are so much in the lead and seen as the party of clear change, that they have no choice. But, that doesn't stop them from trying to tilt the story in the Conservatives favour. Let's take a look at where the G&M has problems writing a news story:

Canadians will be asked to choose between political stability and renewal - G&M states here that we currently have political stability. Funny, since when do these mean political stability?:
- subverting democracy (Bill C-51, Bill C-377, Bill C-23 among many others, cheating in elections)
- racking up the most debt of a Canadian government ever,
- running a deficit for most of their time
- balancing a budget only by looting from the EI fund
- ignoring the urgent issue of Climate Change
- focusing our economy on the oil extraction industry to the great detriment to the manufacturing industry.
-  corruption and cronyism
- warmongering instead of peacekeeping
- and the list goes on.
A more accurate line would be:
Canadians will be asked to choose between gross fiscal mismanagement & the brink of fascism, and stability & democracy.

Pollster Nik Nanos said the NDP has staked out the clearest policy positions in opposition to the Conservative Party, while the Liberals have a more nuanced approach.
- Okay, these were probably Nik Nanos' words but using "nuanced" here is a nice way of saying that the Liberal policy positions are mainly just like the Conservatives, except for when they try to copy some of the NDP policies to try to steal their support. History shows that time and again, the Liberals, whose policies mirror (especially more recently) those of the Conservatives, always campaign on the left only to toss these left leaning policies to the wind if they win the election.

The NDP has been working hard to reassure Canadians its economic policies would be largely in line with those of the current government. The biggest change proposed by the NDP is to increase corporate taxes, although party officials said the planned rate, to be revealed in coming months, would be “reasonable.”
-  Actually, the NDP has been working hard to show Canadians that its economic policies would NOT be in line with those of the current government. The NDP plans to NOT waste money on more and bigger prisons (not needed as the crime rate has been steadily dropping), unnecessary/problematic/costly jets, corporate welfare, unaccountable missing $3.1 billion, and many other porky Conservative pies. NDP governments, on average, have a much better fiscal record than Conservatives.

Party officials said the NDP is looking for candidates with an economic background who could serve as ministers of finance or industry. The recent upswing in the polls could make that easier.
- It may well be that the NDP is looking for more candidates with economic backgrounds, but they already have a number of MPs with economic backgrounds. And unmentioned here is Erin Weir, who has been suggested as a potential Finance Minister.

While both parties want to replace the Conservatives, their partisans have been at one another’s throats. Last week, the Liberals suggested Mr. Mulcair’s flirtation with the Conservatives in 2007 undermined the NDP’s promises to clean up the environment.
- The G&M fails to mention that this has been debunked a number of times, including recently by some high-up Conservatives.
- And "undermined the NDP's promises to clean up the environment"? The facts on this story actually result in boosting the NDP's seriousness about cleaning up the environment. 

I'll leave you with a few choice comments made after the G&M news item (these are all in the top ten most liked comments, and from the G&M readers no less!):

Mr Leblanc's first paragraph is flawed, or the poll was flawed. The choice is not between "change" and "stability." It is between "change" and "no change." I certainly would neither call what our economy had gone through in the last year as anything approaching stability, nor would I call the government actions in domestic and foreign policy as stabilizing.

My wife and I are in the over 65 age group and for the first time ever will be voting NDP as we have seen never ending corruption with the Libs and Cons for way too many years. Many of our friends have also decided to vote NDP as it is clearly time to send a big message to all elected officials, the voters are fed up and will not take it anymore and you will be forced to understand this come the election.

choose between political stability and renewal,..........
Nope......It's choosing between getting a country back to sanity...or carrying on with the most corrupt, crooked, manipulative crew of PROVEN liars and cheats This country has ever been controlled by .....A government rife with contempt, disrespect.....There have never been so many from a political party involved in fraud, lies, election proceedings, and criminal investigations...ever.....
Duffy, Wallin, Brazeau, Porter, Grestein, Stewart/Olsen, Wright, LeBreton, PMO staff
A LONG list of crooks......
It's about voting OUT crooks and taking the nation back from the brink of fascism!!

the first sentence claims there is a choice between change and political stability. Huh? If the government loses an election in Canada, that does not mean there is less stability.
By the Globe's definition of that term..I guess North Korea has the most political stability of all.

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Posted on 8 July 2015 | 5:47 pm

Just Right

Canada declared "most reputable country in 2015"

Canada regains title as most reputable nation in the world despite Harper derangement frenzy
Canada under Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has just regained its title as the most reputable nation in the world.  

According to the Reputation Institute’s annual report, Canada remains at the top of a 55-nation list for perceived trust, admiration and respect, based on a survey of 48,000 people around the world.

... few media picked it up. Instead, the Canadian media complex is in the grip of Harper Derangement Frenzy (HDF), which is an upgrade to hurricane status from Harper Derangement Syndrome ...

... [Canada's] international standing has never been stronger. Even the government’s global carbon strategy, portrayed by many as a national embarrassment, looks good to many other nations. As the table below suggests, Canada remains at the top of the world.
Good show Canada! (Well, at least progressives will think so.)

See also, Forbes.

Note: In 2014 Canada ranked second after Switzerland, and first for three years running in 2013,  2012 and 2011.

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Posted on 26 July 2015 | 7:20 pm

Government Procurement Failure: BC Ministry of Education Case Study

Apologies for the lack of posts. I’ve been in business mode – both helping a number of organizations I’m proud of and working on my own business. For those interested in a frightening tale of inept procurement, poor judgement and downright dirty tactics when it comes to software procurement and government, there is a wonderfully […]

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Posted on 6 June 2014 | 5:46 am

Bold Colours

Arctic Apple Takes a Bite Out of Pseudo-Science

After years of research and extensive field testing, the Okanagan’s own GMO apple is going to the big leagues. Genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) are routinely attacked by urban organic activists in spite of the fact that not a single ailment has ever been linked to this technology. And now, as a testament to the baselessness of such attacks, […]

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Posted on 20 March 2015 | 5:08 pm

Accidental Deliberations

Friday Morning Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- Shannon Gormley points out how the Cons' actions to strip voting rights from Canadians abroad sticks out like a sore thumb compared to an international trend of recognizing that citizenship doesn't end merely because a person crosses a border. And Peter Russell and Semra Sevi lament that it's too late to reverse the damage before this fall's federal election, while the Star makes the broader point that we should be encouraging rather than limiting voter participation.

- Andrew Nikiforuk exposes how the U.S.'s green light to fracking has led to far more dangerous "shallow fracking" than anticipated - though it shouldn't come as much surprise that a poorly-regulated industry would engage in more risky practices than it would if public safety was properly taken into account.

- Ben Makuch reports that Stephen Harper is spending hundreds of millions of dollars for its own Star Wars program even as he denounces any suggestion of using public money to actually help people.

- Meanwhile, Jo Snyder makes the case for pharmacare as a means of reducing inequality. And Don Cayo notes that it's equally viable as a matter of economic policy.

- Finally, the Star argues that the Cons' economic spin consists of nothing but smoke and mirrors, while L. Ian McDonald sees it as more of a matter of theatre. And the CP reports on yet another month of economic decline on Stephen Harper's watch.

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Posted on 31 July 2015 | 12:40 pm

What Do I Know Grit

Happy Birthday Madiba

Nelson, the world needs more of you. We miss you kind sir. Happy Birthday!

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Posted on 18 July 2014 | 4:29 am

Small Dead Animals

"Organic" Is The Latin Word For "Grown In Pig Shit"

Genetic Literacy Project; To use land and derivative natural resources as sustainably as possible requires using the least input to produce the most food. So, how does organic farming stack up?...

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Posted on 24 February 2015 | 2:46 pm

Le blog politique de Claude Dupras

Quand PKP humilie le PQ !

Depuis sa fondation, le Parti Québécois a toujours eu à sa tête un chef cultivé qui savait faire la part des choses. De René Lévesque à Pauline Marois, ces chefs ont toujours tenu un discours aux arguments responsables, très souvent convaincants, même durs parfois mais toujours respectueux. Ils ont quelques fois élevé la voix d’exaspération mais toujours de façon à point et polie. Et j’inclus dans ceux-là, les propos de Jacques Parizeau le soir du référendum de 1995 lorsque le OUI l’avait perdu par quelques dizaines de milliers de votes seulement. Ses propos ont été bien critiqués mais, à mon point de vue, ils correspondaient à la réalité. On en a fait un plat, mais la réalité était évidente. Il ne méritait pas, à mon point de vue les nombreuses critiques qui l’ont affligé.

Aujourd’hui, le chef du PQ, Pierre Karl Péladeau semble être d’une autre catégorie que ses prédécesseurs. Il est comme un jeune boxeur inexpérimenté qui donne des coups de poing à gauche et à droite sans vraiment frapper au bon endroit tout en en recevant des coups durs constamment sur la tête. Il ne fait pas la part des choses. Pour lui, ceux qui se trouvent à ses côtés sont bons et ceux qui sont devant lui ne sont que des êtres sur lesquels il faut frapper sans cesse, même au bas de la ceinture. Et pourquoi ? Simplement parce qu’ils bloquent le chemin qui mène à son idéal. Il faut qu’il déblaye. Une approche d’homme d’affaires sans scrupule qui est prêt à tout pour grossir ses profits, ses entreprises et ses avoirs. Un genre de rouleau-compresseur. Au diable les manières, ce qui compte c’est le résultat !
Ses apôtres le voient comme un seigneur, une légende, presque le messie. Ils en sont obnubilés. Avec lui c’est sûr que l’idéal sera atteint et la fin justifie les moyens. Quelques soient les bêtises ou les positions abracadabrantes qu’il affirme, écrit et répète même si elles dépassent les normes de la politesse, du bon sens, du respect des faits, de l’autre, des élus, ils les acceptent comme des données de la bible et les défendent sur la place publique. Parmi ceux-là, il y a l'ex PM Bernard Landry qui a toujours tenu un message mesuré dans ses discours comme chef de l'État du Québec. Aujourd'hui, il se veut le premier supporteur de PKP et oublie ses principes passés pour défendre l'indéfendable. D'autres, dans leurs écritures, mettent de côté toutes leurs formes passées, leurs raisonnements balancés. Au diable la logique traditionnelle, on en invente une autre dédiée exclusivement à la nouvelle approche. On frappe dans le tas ! Ne vous inquiétez pas, ça va rapporter…  le chef n’est-il pas milliardaire. On ne répond plus à personne car tout le monde est vendu à l’adversaire. Particulièrement les journalistes qui ont vendu leur âme aux Desmarais !
Oui, il s’en prend aux membres de la famille du défunt Paul Desmarais, l’extraordinaire homme d’affaires qui a réussi mieux que tout autre et qui a toujours cru que l’intérêt des francophones québécois était d’être activement présents dans les affaires du monde. Il a été un exemple unique d’intelligence des affaires qui a tellement manqué à nos compatriotes du passé. Parti de rien, il est devenu l’homme le plus riche du Canada et un leader mondial des affaires. Malgré cela, PKP critique sa famille, la barbouille, invente des histoires malencontreuses sur son compte et encore… Pourquoi ? Simplement parce que Paul était fédéraliste, qu’il croyait dans le Canada, qu’il y voyait un potentiel extraordinaire pour tous ses compatriotes francophones et savait mieux que tous que la nouvelle garde, les jeunes qui l’ont suivi, était mieux éduquée, prête à faire face au challenge difficile de la vie économique québécoise et canadienne et à y trouver la place qui lui revient. Et cela s’est réalisé et ça continue de plus en plus fort…
Comme chef du Parti Québécois PKP a décidé que son parti prendrait le leadership des attaques anti-famille Desmarais, pour la simple raison que la famille est propriétaire de grands journaux au Québec, dont La Presse, et que Paul Desmarais a toujours indiqué que la ligne éditoriale de ses journaux soit fédéraliste. Quant à ses journalistes, qui sont tous de haute qualité, ils ont la liberté d’écrire leurs articles sans interventions des propriétaires. Mais PKP ne les aime pas, particulièrement ceux qui traitent de lui et de sa conjointe Julie Snyder.  
Pierre Péladeau, le père de PKP, était un autre du même genre. Il a réussi à bâtir un empire d’imprimeries et de journaux qu’il a laissé à ses enfants à son décès. Différent de Desmarais, il était indépendantiste. Mais il n’insultait pas les gens si leur approche politique était différente de la sienne. Je le sais, car je l’ai connu puisqu’il m’a confié la réalisation totale des bâtiments, bureaux et imprimerie du Journal de Montréal de la rue Frontenac à Montréal.
Il est temps que Pierre-Karl Péladeau se ressaisisse s’il veut connaître un succès politique. Au rythme actuel, il va, à mon avis, directement et sans détour vers l’abime. Son attitude, sa façon de faire, ses mots, son indifférence face aux journalistes, son refus de répondre à leurs questions en se cachant derrière sa page Facebook et ses conflits d’intérêts ne l’aident pas et tout augure mal. Ah! Il peut obtenir des sursauts momentanés dans les sondages, mais à long terme, je n’y vois que le déclin car il est vraiment une bombe à retardement, selon l’évaluation d’un de ses propres députés et ex-ministre. Plusieurs membres du PQ souffrent de la situation actuelle et se disent humiliés par la tournure des évènements.
Pourtant, PKP est un gars intelligent, différent, bien éduqué et qui a une expérience d’affaires assez rare chez un homme politique québécois. Il peut rehausser le débat politique et faire sa marque.  J’espère qu’il le fera… et sortira du tourbillon de sottises dans lequel il s’est engagé.   

Claude Dupras 

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Posted on 7 July 2015 | 8:10 pm

Mind of Dan

Bah Humbug!

Physicists who want to protect traditional Christmas realize that the only way to keep from changing Christmas is not to observe it.

(via xkcd)

That is all.

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Posted on 25 December 2014 | 12:12 am

Warren Kinsella

Dear Anonymous

Outing someone to destroy them is still just that. If you have tall tales to tell about a former politician, don’t do it here. Thanks. 

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Posted on 31 July 2015 | 11:12 am