Best Blog - Rolling Around in My Head

Blog Update

First I need to apologize for not posting for the last week without notification to the many faithful readers of this blog. I am being pulled in many directions, right now, for my time and energy, I'm afraid in that tussle, time for updating Rolling Around in My Head has simply not been there. I don't anticipate being able to get back to writing regularly for a few weeks yet. So, see you in early August.

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Posted on 22 June 2015 | 11:55 am

Literature and Culture Blog - Perogies and Gyoza

The Cat at the Wall

The Cat at the Wall

Written by: Deborah Ellis

Published by: Groundwood Books

Published on: August 11, 2014

Ages: 10+

Clare is a regular girl at a regular school in Pennsylvania, but with a mean streak. Clare is also a cat in the West Bank of the Middle East, who finds a boy hiding from Israeli soldiers. How Clare became a cat and what Clare the cat decides to do about the boy are just two of the mysteries told in this middle grade novel.

Ellis has impecable nonfiction credentials (Looks Like Daylight, Kids of Kabul) and she combines her extensive knowledge of the Israeli-Palestine situation to illuminate an important theme- that we all have choices and we can improve or worsen other people's lives as a result of the path we choose.

The fantasy element was actually quite well-done, although different from what I expected from Ellis' work. The juxtaposition of a normal middle-class life in the US with the fear of an orphaned boy in one of the world's most conflicted areas is clever and the fantasy element makes it feel less like a moral tale.

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Posted on 3 January 2015 | 1:10 pm

Entertainment Blog - Mike's Bloggity Blog

Three hours from Calgary, there’s an adventure 75 millions years in the making and it’s unbelievable!

First things first: Dinosaur Provincial Park is not Drumheller. This is an important fact to know, because ever since I went on a dinosaur dig, every time I’ve told someone about it, they always replied: “Oh yeah, I’ve been Drumheller.” ...

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Posted on 6 July 2015 | 2:42 am

Humour Blog - XOXO Jes.....

What's on your summer playlist? The Griswolds If You Want to Stay?

It's June, which means everyone is gearing up for summer. Which means, you need to start ramping up your summer time playlists. Summer is fun, happy and fleeting. This is what a look for in a summer playlist song.

The Griswolds just released a new video for their song If You Want to Stay...and I think it just became the first song on my summer list. They kind of have me thinking about The Ceremonies. Whatever happened to those guys? Land of the Gathering was definitely on my 2013 list.


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Posted on 6 June 2015 | 5:09 pm

Journalist Blog - Commercial Space

The REAL Story Behind the Upcoming exactEarth IPO

          By Chuck Black

The recent announcement that Cambridge, Ontario based COM DEV International was spinning off its exactEarth Ltd. subsidiary into a separate, publicly traded company highlights both the growing international market for satellite data and the fact that Canadian space industry entrepreneurs continue to depend on ongoing partnerships with both government and large private players.

An exactEarth video released in November 2011 as a preliminary sales aid in order to assist with the release of two years worth of legacy ship tracking data collected using the firm's satellite based AIS technology in January 2012. As outlined in the January 29th, 2012 post, "Aggregation, Contextualization, Telsat, MDA, exactEarth and Stephen Harper," the data released could be accessed using a selection of search criteria, including date and time range, geographical area, AIS message type, ship type and country flag. Graphic c/o exactEarth.

As outlined in the June 30th, 2015 Communitech News article, "As interest soars for satellite data, exactEarth explores IPO," the real origin of exactEarth goes back to the late 1990's at the Kitchener, Ontario based Communitech Hub, an industry-led innovation centre that then supported hundreds of tech companies through a variety of government and private programs.

One of those programs was something called the DATA.BASE initiative. As outlined in the March 14th, 2014 Communitech News article, "Open call for DATA.BASE project submissions until March 31," the program, funded by Communitech, the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) and a variety of other organizations, worked to develop "leading-edge initiatives related to the data services market in southern Ontario."

Certainly they seem to have succeeded in at least this one instance. According to Glenn Smith, a former DATA.BASE program director: 
When we think about the DATA.BASE, some of the things we were starting to impact were the development of new products, new processes, new intellectual property. And certainly exactEarth was able to come to market with new products from those engagements.
Although government funding via DATA.BASE allowed exactEarth to develop the intellectual property related to satellite based automatic identification system (AIS) it was developing, the company wasn't poised for growth until it formally incorporated in 2009 and began working out an equity program to attract at least one outside partner.

ExactEarth CEO Peter Mabson (left) with Industry Minister Christian Paradis and Minister of State for Science & Technology Gary Goodyear in September 2012. As outlined in the July 2012 SatMagazine executive spotlight post on exactEarth Ltd., Mabson held various executive positions within COM DEV related to the creation and development of new business opportunities before joining exactEarth in 2009.  Photo c/o National Research Council.

That new investor was the Madrid-based satellite operator, Hisdesat Servicios Estratégicos (Hisdesat).

As outlined in the September 30th, 2010 article, "exactEarth Closes $55M Equity Financing," the final agreement included approximately $15Mln CDN in investment funds from both COM DEV and Hisdesat, plus an additional $24Mln CDN "debt conversion" to COM DEV, for a total of $55Mln CDN.

This new funding allowed exactEarth to commercialize its technology and build out its network.

By late 2011, the company was feeling confident enough in its product to release a set of the data collected over the previous two years. As outlined in the January 20th, 2012 Digital Ship article, "Global AIS archive launched," the data-set included "over 250 million maritime vessel locations dating back to July 2010."

The released data essentially served as a "sales aid" to convince potential clients of the validity and usefulness of the product. With just the odd, minor set-back or two (one of which was described in the June 5th, 2012 post "State Politics Delays exactEarth Baikonur Launch") the company has moved forward ever since.

The first suggestion that exactEarth might be considering an initial public offering (IPO) was the March 9th, 2015 COM DEV press release titled "COM DEV provides strategic update on exactEarth," which stated that "exactEarth has retained Canaccord Genuity to advise its Board of Directors on implementation of private and public funding options as well as potential merger and acquisition opportunities."

Canaccord Genuity Group is the largest independent investment dealer in Canada. The company has been involved with deals for Amaya Gaming Group in its $4.9Bln USD (6.18Bln CDN) acquisition of PokerStarsYamana Gold's $3.9Bln USD (4.92Bln CDN) joint acquisition (along with Agnico Eagle) of Osisko Mining and dozens of other deals over the last decade in the aerospace & defense, agriculture, cleantech, private equity and other industry verticals.

But of course, the real key to COM DEV's long-term growth strategy appears to be the developing partnership with Melburne, Florida based Harris Corporation.

Canaccord Genuity Group chairman David Kassie and SickKids Foundation VP Seanna Dempsey joined TSX Company Services VP Loui Anastasopoulos and others to open the TSX Venture Exchange on September 12, 2014. Photo c/o TMX Group.

As outlined in the June 8th, 2015 exactEarth press release, "exactEarth and Harris Corporation Form Strategic Alliance to Provide Real-Time Global Maritime Tracking and Information Solutions," the two firms had formed an alliance to produce real time AIS data service using the Iridium NEXT constellation via the implementation of 58 hosted payloads covering the maritime VHF frequency band.

Satellites cost money. Given all the new fiscal requirements related to the Harris partnership, things had reached the point of no return.

Shortly after the Harris partnership was announced, and as outlined in the June 23rd, 2015 Waterloo Record article, "Com Dev subsidiary ExactEarth going public," the company formally filed a preliminary prospectus for an IPO.

Chuck Black.
What happens now?

Certainly someone is going to make bucketfuls of money on this deal. IPO's tend to do that. Whether or not exactEarth and COMDEV employees make out like bandits, only time will tell.

But it's certainly an excellent case study of what Canadian space entrepreneurs need to do in order to get funded.

Chuck Black is the editor of the Commercial Space blog.

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Posted on 5 July 2015 | 11:23 pm

Religion Blog - Religion Dispatch

A Theology of Anger: Forgiveness For White Supremacy Derails Action and Alienates Young Black Activists

Just a day after the massacre in the historic Emanuel AME Church of Charleston, the son of...

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Posted on 6 July 2015 | 7:45 pm

Art and Crafting Blog - Just a Smidgen

How the Wild Chamomile Grows

The post How the Wild Chamomile Grows appeared first on Just a Smidgen.

{ This is a content exerpt only.. Please click on the Blog Title to continue reading this post, share your love, browse Just a Smidgen and more.. }

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Posted on 4 July 2015 | 8:20 pm

Ecology and Social Justice - Facing Autism in New Brunswick

Dr. Glen Davies at Medicare for Autism Now! Rally June 27 2015

 Dr. Glenn Davies at the Medicare for Autism Now! rally June 27 2015 discusses evidence in support of behavioural intervention in treating autism, the lack of autism coverage under Canadian Medicare compared to the US Medicaid state to state mandate and the example of Wisconsin which is far ahead of all Canadian jurisdictions in providing treatment for autism.

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Posted on 1 July 2015 | 5:39 am

Ex-Pat Blog - The Blog Fodder

Sooner or later, everything old is new again

Sir Rodney Twerkingham Ramsbottom, British chap, small estate between Cleaver on Butcherblock and Tipple on Winebottle, zoologist, member of the Royal Academy of Whatever Zoologists Are Members Of, was exploring in darkest Paddington's Homeland when he came upon an egg.  A largish egg in the middle of BFE, nowhere. It looked dropped and abandoned.  Sir Rodney took it back to England with him

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Posted on 4 July 2015 | 12:57 pm

Gardening Blog - Canoe Corner

Spring has Sprung

Well at least I think Spring has come.  Where there was one bunny

Now there are two more, one of which is a baby.

The guy at the shop did warn us they multiplied.  I guess cold weather doesn't deter them.

It hasn't been a warm spring, that's for sure.  Just last week we had a frost warning.  Frost, in mid-June!!!  I have struggled getting the vegetable garden in because I was afraid to plant out the warm weather plants like basil, peppers and pumpkins.

It was a good year for tulips though.  They like it cold.

Last summer I moved all of my spring flowering bulbs and plants to one side of my flower bed and grouped them together.  I was looking for impact and the results were beautiful.

Just as I had hoped, cushion spurge mixed well with pink and white tulips, the hostas opened up and complemented the daffodils.

The anemone has finally spread into a considerable mound and provided a fantastic backdrop to pink and purple tulips.

Of course, there's always a few hiccups along the way.  The late frosts killed off the majority of our apple blossoms.  and the daffodils appear to be dwindling.  Usually daffodils multiply and expand but this variety seems to be dying off.  So I will need to try a different variety next year.  Something a little more robust.  Any suggestions for a favourite daffodil and where to buy them?

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Posted on 26 June 2015 | 12:33 am

Lifetime Achievement Blog - Fit Cyclist

The 2015 Grand Slam…For Kenya!

A Note from Fatty: If you already know what’s going on here and are ready to donate, just click here. You’re awesome. Thanks! This is the big one. The biggest fundraiser I’m going to do this year.  No, not just big. “Big” is too small of a word. This is the grand one.  This month — the whole month [...]

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Posted on 2 July 2015 | 8:36 pm

Travel Blog - Local Traveller

The Salt Room – Halifax, NS

Cozy blankets, comfy chairs, relaxing music, and a room full of salt.

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Posted on 17 February 2015 | 2:10 pm

Group Blog - Urban Moms

Would You Cry To Get What You Want?

A few months ago, I was trying to negotiate a better deal on my phone plan. You see, I constantly go over my data limit and end up paying a fortune in extra charges. I called up my service provider, […]

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Posted on 6 July 2015 | 5:06 pm

Best New Blog - Frugal Mom Eh

NEW Eyewitness Amazon and more from DK Canada’s Eyewitness Boutique

718NBGECt9LPublished in 88 countries and in 36 languages DK’s popular Eyewitness series has been the most trusted non-fiction series in classrooms, libraries and homes around the world for 25 years! Now this award-winning series gets a fresh new look – inside and out – with magnificent paperback editions of some of the most popular Eyewitness […]

The post NEW Eyewitness Amazon and more from DK Canada’s Eyewitness Boutique appeared first on Frugal Mom Eh!.

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Posted on 6 July 2015 | 11:43 am

Personal Blog - Rolling Around in my Head

Blog Update

First I need to apologize for not posting for the last week without notification to the many faithful readers of this blog. I am being pulled in many directions, right now, for my time and energy, I'm afraid in that tussle, time for updating Rolling Around in My Head has simply not been there. I don't anticipate being able to get back to writing regularly for a few weeks yet. So, see you in early August.

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Posted on 22 June 2015 | 11:55 am

Science / Tech Blog - Watts Up With that?

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #186

The Week That Was: 2015-07-04 (July 4, 2015) Brought to You by SEPP ( The Science and Environmental Policy Project THIS WEEK: By Ken Haapala, President, Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) The Loyal Opposition: One of the most humanely compelling criticisms of the thinking exhibited by the pontifical academies that went into the Pope’s…

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Posted on 6 July 2015 | 2:00 am

Sports Blog - Rod Pederson


REGINA - The legend of Trevor Harris continues to grow.

The Argonauts QB led his team on a last-minute touchdown drive to send the game into overtime and then threw two touchdown passes in extra time to lead Toronto to a 42-40 double-overtime victory over the host Saskatchewan Roughriders on Sunday. Harris, in his third game as starter for the injured Ricky Ray, led Toronto (2-0) to a 26-11 upset over the Edmonton Eskimos in Week 1.

"I just want to be the best possible back-up I can be,'' said Harris, who went 30 for 38 with 267 yards and four touchdowns and one interception in the game. "Ricky Ray is one of the best quarterbacks ever in the CFL. My job is to steer the ship in the right direction when he's not available.''

Playing in front of 31,907 fans at Mosaic Stadium, Saskatchewan led the game 28-21 with just over a minute left in the game. Scrimmaging from the Toronto 25, Harris led the Argonauts on a last-minute touchdown drive, capped off with a 16-yard touchdown pass to Chad Owens, to send the game into overtime.

In a crazy overtime session filled with penalties and a few reviewed plays, Saskatchewan opened up the scoring on its first possession when Rob Bagg took the ball one yard into the end zone on an end around. Running back Jerome Messam was tackled in the backfield on the ensuing two-point conversion. The Argos stormed back with a nine-yard receiving touchdown by running back Brandon Whitaker in their first overtime period. They, too, failed their two-point conversion attempt when Harris was sacked by Rider defensive back Macho Harris.

In the second overtime, Harris threw an 11-yard touchdown pass to Tori Gurley and then hooked up with running back Anthony Coombs on a three-yard strike for the two-point conversion to put Toronto up 42-34. Saskatchewan (0-2) had a chance to tie the game after QB Kevin Glenn connected with Chris Getzlaf for a 25-yard touchdown on the next drive, but Glenn just missed Getzlaf on the ensuing two-point convert.

"I was on the sideline and coach said these are the moments you live for,'' Harris said. "I remember thinking, 'I've done this in my backyard a few times. Now you've just got to go do it with 30,000 thousand people in the stands.' We took a punch in the mouth from a great football team and we were able to come back and keep fighting.''

Owens, who led Toronto receivers with eight catches for 88 yards and one touchdown, said the team has always believed in Harris' ability to lead.

"He's a guy who doesn't go out there to prove guys wrong; he just goes out there and does his job,'' Owens said. "This just shows that this a guy who can go into a hostile environment, go into a situation where there's still question marks surrounding him, and get the job done.''

The Riders put up over 500 yards of offence in the loss. Glenn went 33 for 40 for 477 yards with two touchdowns and one interception for the Riders, while the Riders' Ryan Smith led all receivers with eight catches for 174 yards and one touchdown. It was a similar story in Week 1, where the Riders put up nearly 500 yards in offence in a 30-26 home loss to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

"It's bittersweet since we didn't get the victory, but I'm still proud of the guys on the offence side of the ball because we went out and showed a lot of resiliency,'' Glenn said. "We don't want to be 0-2, but that's what professional sports is all about. We'll learn from our mistake in this game and move on.''

Veteran kicker Paul McCallum, who returned to Saskatchewan last week after being released by the B.C. Lions on June 3, hit all four of his field goal attempts in the game, including a 49-yarder.

(Canadian Press/Craig Slater)



- We should be talking about a win right now.  Everybody sees that.  Pass Interference, an interception, the drop.  We're real close to protecting all those things. I told the guys I'm proud of them.  We're real close.

- A lotta good signs in all three phases.  We gotta get points.  We have to have points if we have 500 yards offense.

- We gotta fix some things, go on the road and learn how to win a football game

- I told them I'm proud of the effort.  They did everything right this week getting ready for the game.  We were this close to a tie or a win.  Keep doing things right and we'll be in the victory column.

- There were some things.  We had a three man rush and we were too shallow (behind it).  We had nine men deep and they had an 18-yard pick up or something.  There was a penalty too.  We have to play it better when the ball's in the air.

- (Pass Interference on Weldon Brown) is a judgment call.  Judgment means whatever he sees at that time.  We have to play the ball better when it's in the air.

- I'm not going to say undisciplined.  My team is disciplined.  They had just as many penalties as we did.  Each year presents its own challenges.  This is about getting young players and veteran players to play together.

- They (the CFL) wanted to see the points up.  I have to have to find a way around it, being a defensive coach.  Two or three plays differently, and we're sitting around here talking about a win.  One play different and we're talking about a tie.  But they didn't go our way and we're talking about a loss.

- It's a positive that we're starting to see playmakers.  It's not just Getzlaf, Bagg and Dressler.  I believe in Ryan Smith.  I told him before the game he's going to ball today.

- Kevin Glenn wishes he had that ball back (on the pick six).  The team tried to fight back but the mindset was different after that.  Defensive points against are tough to get over.

- I thought we were stoning them early.  We had a good couple of quarters but after that interception, it doesn't matter about the yards.  It's about the points.  Things got away from us at the end.

- The good thing about it is, and I tell the guys this, if you lose games tight, you're close.  If you get blown out, you're not close.  As the guys continue to grow, we won't be losing by two and three points.  We'll be winning those.

- I won't say concerns.  We have a lot of yards.  Jacques wants to be in the endzone.  We'll continue to look at things but we need to have the points.  We need to find a way to score points in this new league.

- (Injuries).  It's too early to tell.  Ivan tells me who's out and then the doctors assess it when we meet after this news conference.

- I will let Brendan Taman speak on the medical.  I don't want to talk about Darian's injury or surgery.

- (On pressuring the quarterback) That's always a concern.  We'd like to get pressure without sending five or six guys.  We'd like more pressure but teams are smart and sometimes they'll put out double tight or an extra back to stop the pressure.

- I've very pleased with my football team and we're very close to getting it.  We're on the right course and we're close to getting it.


- We fought really hard today.  We took that next towards winning a game.  It was just kinda crappy luck but we'll step back next week and we'll be alright.

- I'm good.  I got a little shocker but I'll be alright.

- Our heads are held high.  We came out there fighting and that's all we can ask for.  We came up a little short today but next week we'll be ready to go.

- I try to just go out there and do what I do.  If the ball's in the air, I try to make a play on it.  Just help out the quarterback and team as much as I possibly can.

- I've been told about the 24 hour rule.  You watch the previous game's film, learn from your mistakes, and then come back and focus on your next opponent.  That's what I'm gonna do.


- We had a lot of things going.  I loved our intensity and energy.  Sometimes the wins and losses don't fall your way but we'll regroup and be a good football team

- (The game) was incredible to say the least.  A roller coaster to say the least, that's for sure.  But we'll be back to fight next week.

- (Chamblin) just said he liked our intenstiy, he loved our effort and we're that close.  We're a couple inches away and we'll be a good football team

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Family Blog - Mom vs the Boys

Minion Cake

With the new Minion movie coming out this summer, I decided I would make a fun little minion cake for my boy turning 7 this year. Oh, and his dad too, because this kid was born right on his dad’s birthday! The good thing is, Minions are so lovable they have fans big and small, [Read On]

The post Minion Cake appeared first on Mom vs the Boys.

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Posted on 6 July 2015 | 3:44 pm

Professional Blog - Product Management

Product Management workshop – Boston – July 11-12 2015

Want to take  your Product craft to the next level? Attend the Craftsman 2-day Product Management hands-on workshop. Think holistically about building and marketing “The Whole Product”. Go beyond MVP/Lean Startup and dogmatic frameworks and raise your Product Management game. Use code ONPM and save $250 off the registration price at Details are here: […]

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Posted on 28 June 2015 | 8:48 pm

Writing and Literature Blog - The Book Mine Set

The 9th Annual Canadian Book Challenge - July Roundup (Sticky Post— Scroll down for most recent post)

document.write(''); How to add your link:
1. Click on the icon above
2. Add a link to your review. (Please link to your specific review, not an entire webpage.)
3. Add your name and in parentheses the title of the book, such as John Mutford (Anne of Avonlea)
4. In the comment section below, tell me your grand total so far. (ex. "This brings me up to 1/13")

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Posted on 1 August 2015 | 3:59 am

Popular Culture Blog - XOXO - Jes

Cirque Eloize at the Calgary Stampede

The ENMAX Corral Show at the Calgary Stampede gets better and better every year. Located on the Stampede grounds, the Corral seats just over 7,000 people and has a free with-park-admission show every day (at 2, 4 and 7 PM) for Stampede goers to attend.

This year the circus is in town from Montreal. The troupe Cirque Eloize is doing a Stampede edition of their show iD. A 45 minute act that is sure to impress you in some way. There are break-dancers, acrobats, contortionists, juggling, trampo wall tricks and a mountain biker.

The show starts off with an acrobatic number that is nice, but not out of this world. You may think...hum, OK we are in for a nice 45 minute rest from the mid-way and that's about it, but then it gets really good. It's impressive what they are able to do on such a small stage.

The show rounds off with the entire show doing a choreographed dance sequence. If you are in the right position, I would recommend watching the mountain biker in the back row - dance is not his forte. It's very amusing to watch him try.

If you are going to the grounds this year, I would recommend it. It's worth the park admission alone.


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Posted on 5 July 2015 | 7:47 pm

Place Blog - Kitsilano

Kitsilano Showboat Schedule Summer 2015

Kitsilano Showboat is celebrating their 80th anniversary this summer. Performances take place at Kitsilano Beach in front of the Kitsilano Pool Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm through August 15. Kits Showboat performances are free and family-friendly. Go support this wholesome and super fun Kits community event. If you...

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Posted on 5 July 2015 | 12:21 pm

Best Written - Cheaty Monkey

To Blog or Tweet…or Instagram or Vine or—That is the Question.

Because of what I do for a living—Social Media Editor and resident celebrity parent blogger at Today’s Parent—I don’t get to write here at Cheaty Monkey much (you know, where it alllll started). But somehow, I do seem to make time to awkwardly but effectively type stuff on my iPhone. So, these days, I’m pretty much blogging on Twitter, […]

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Posted on 16 January 2015 | 1:10 am

Fashion and Style - Lou Lou's Views

Thank you, Mom.

It's impossible to watch a P&G #ThankYouMom commercial without tearing up. As a mom, I'm always overly emotional and the P&G #ThankYouMom campaign is one I love dearly. It's a campaign that's all about giving athletes a chance to thank their biggest supporters in life–their moms.  (Aww!)

From Tide to Bounty to Pantene, P&G products are everywhere in our home, and have been for years, very since I was a child. It's touching that a company I love does so much to help others, too.

I love remembering all the times my mom has been there for me, throughout all the stages in my life. I appreciate her wise words of wisdom, even if I don't always take her (usually always bang on) advice. As a mom of two, I appreciate her even more now, because I know how hard and challenging it is to be a mom. It's all about putting your children first, no matter how you feel. And that can be a very hard thing to do at times. And I always remember to put things in perspective. A bad day doesn't have to be all that bad if you remember all the good you have in your life. That's something I learned from my mom.

Speaking of the #ThankYouMom P&G campaign, I love this video of Canadian Olympic athlete, Brianne Theisen-Eaton, and her mom, Kim. Have a look.  I'm excited to cheer on Brianne at the Pam Am games and to join in tonight's #ThankYouMom Twitter Chat at 8pm EDT.

Thank you, mom.

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Posted on 22 June 2015 | 4:12 pm

Feminist - Gender Focus

Girls Who Talk Back: Why Anne Shirley is My Feminist Role Model

Who on earth knew that a fictional, red-headed orphan from the East Coast would be so inspiring to me, a mixed-race gal growing up on the West Coast? Here are four reasons why Anne Shirley is my first feminist role model.

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Posted on 6 July 2015 | 4:21 pm

Fashion - Go Fug Yourself

High Fugshion: Versace Fall 2015 at Haute Couture Week

joan smalls versace couture week fall 2015 kendall jenner versace couture week fall 2015 karlie kloss versace couture week fall 2015 
Were you tired of The Sheers? Ready for us to stop talking about pizza in place of transparencies? Well. Too bad. This entire post is basically like that time Papa John’s sold your friends all fifteen of their unclaimed pizzas at closing for a quarter apiece. Read More ...

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Posted on 6 July 2015 | 8:00 pm

Parenting - Snarky Mommy

Jack: Nine years

Dear Jack, You’re nine now. That’s halfway to 18. We’re making the turn and heading for the back nine, the final years of your childhood. It doesn’t seem possible that the baby I held in my arms just moments ago is now the boy running down the basketball court, the soccer field, the baseball diamond [...]

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Posted on 8 February 2015 | 5:45 pm

Gossip - TMZ

Justin Bieber -- He Could Play For Team Canada ... Says Canadian NBA Stud

Justin Bieber just got a HUGE bball endorsement ... 'cause one of Canada's biggest hoops stars tells TMZ Sports the Biebs might have what it takes to suit up for the Canucks in international play. We were at LAX when we…

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Posted on 7 July 2015 | 12:16 am

Entertainment - i09

Beercan Solargraphs Show Off Our Brilliant Sun

This fantastic compilation of solargraphs were taken with beer cans: homemade pinhole cameras with a paper negative inside. These sixteen were among the best that the Philippus Lansbergen Public Observatory in Middleburg, Netherlands received.


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Posted on 6 July 2015 | 12:00 am

Music - Indie Music Filter

LISTEN: “Weathered” by Jack Garratt

Indie Music Filter

"Weathered" is the first single to be lifted from Jack’s forthcoming debut album, due for release in early 2016.

LISTEN: “Weathered” by Jack Garratt

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Posted on 30 June 2015 | 3:23 pm